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First Exam.

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In the definition of psychology, the term mental processes, refers to?
Internal, covert processes
The goals of psychology are to ..............
Describe, explain, predict, and control behavior.
The question "what is happening?" refers to which of the following goals in psychology?
The question "why is it happening?" refers to the which of the following goals of psychology?
The question "when will it happen again?" refers to which of the following goals of psychology?
The question "how can it be changed?" refers to which of the following goals in psychology?
In 1879, in Leipzig , Germany, the first psychological laboratory was developed by?
Wilhelm Wundt
The school of psychology called structuralism used a technique called ......... , which involved...
Why was the perspectived followed by Wilhelp Wundt and his followers called structuralism?
Their primary focus was on describing the structure on concious experience.
Participants in research early in psychology's history might have been asked to view a chair...
Who was an early psychologist believed that "the whole is more that the sum of parts"?
Who was an early proponent of functionalism?
William James
While on a visit to a large city, you observe several billboards in which a series of lights...
Freud stressed the importance of .................. .
early childhood experiences
What advice might John B. Watson have offered to psychologists of his time?
"Focus on observable behavior"
Sallie noticed what when her alarm clock goes off in the morning her dog, Ruffles, is standing...
Sallie has conditioned Ruffles to salivate to the sound of her alarm.
You attend a lecture by a psychologist who uses terms such as free will, human nature, and...
In the early part of the past century, psychologists who broke down though processes into their...
If you are interested in how patterns, beliefs, and customs influence behavior, you are interested...
Professor Beverly approaches questions about human behavior from a perspective that emphasizes...
Which perspective assumes that human behavior may have developed in certain directions because...
Evolutionary Psychology
Dr. Braunz has been treating a child with ADHD. She ecides to write a precription for ritalin....
The majority of psychologists work in ............ .
Colleges and Universities
................. is a system used for reducing bias and error in the measurement of data.
the scientific method
the first step in any scientific investigation is ............... ?
perceiving the question
"Children who watch violent cartoons will become more aggressive." According to the scientific...
Researchers myst report their results completely whether the hypothesis was supported or not....
Dr. Littman-Smith is conduction research in Kenya into the ways that mothers and their toddlers...
naturalistic observation
Sandi believes that people who eat at McDonalds are overweight, so she decides to do a naturalistic...
observer bias
Roger went to McDonald's to observe people eating in fast-food restraunts. He brought a camera...
observer effects
You overhear psychology students preparing for a test. They note that one of the research methods...
case study
In the 1970's, a 13 yr old girl was found locked up in a room, strapped to a pootty chair....
case study
The editors of Scientific American are able to obtain a representative sample of their readers...
apply the results to subscribers of Scientifc American
A (n) ........... is a measure of how strongly two variables are related to one another.
A correlation is a numerical measure of the ............. .
strength of the relationship between two vairables.
Drinking orange juice is negatively correlated with the risk of cancer. Based on this info,...
The more orange juice you drink, the lower your risk of cancer.
A correlation coefficient represents two things: ........ and ........ .
strength; direction of the relationship

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