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Moral Development
Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding standards of right and wrong.
Preconventional Reasoning
Lowest level of kohlbergs theorymorality is focused on reward and punishment
Conventional Reasoning
Second level of kohlbergs theoryabide by certain standards but they are the standards of others...
Postconventional Reasoing
third & highest level of Kohlbergs theorymorality is internal
Justice Perspective
a moral perspective that focuses on the rights of the individual. Individuals independently...
Care Perspective
moral persepective of Carol Gilligan,  views people in terms of their connectedness with...
Social Convention Reasoning
What society says is okay
Social Cognitive Theory of Moral Development
competence vs. moral performance
unselfish interest in helping another person
occurs when an injured person releases the injurer from possible behavioral retalliation
feeling of thankfullness and appreciation
ego ideal
part of the superego that invloves ideal standards approved by parents
part of the superego that is disapproved by parents
put yourself in their shoes
moral identity
aspect of personality involving moral notions and commitments that are central to your life
moral exemplars
people who have lived moral livesmother theresea
love withdrawl
remove attention from child for disiplince
power assertion
discipline technique, gain control over resources
discipline technique, use reason and explanation of consequences
hidden curriculum
moral atmosphere at school
character education
teaching students moral literacy to prevent immoral behavior
values clarification
helping people clarify what is important to them, what is worth working for, and what purpose...
cognitive moral education
students should learn to value things like democracy and justice as their moral reasoning develops 
service learning
promotes social responsibility and service to the community
beliefs and attitudes about the way things should be

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