Psychological Methods Of Stress Management - Problem Focused Coping


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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Therapy which combine 2 approaches: * Cognitive Therapy which aims to change maladaptive thoughts and beliefs. * Behavioural Therapy which aims to change behaviour
Stress inoculation training(SIT)
A type of CBT - trains people to cope with stressful situations more effectively by learning skills to protect them from the damaging effects of future stressors.
Hardiness training
The aim of hardiness training is to increase sel-confidence and sence-control within an individual's life.
Believed although can't change the causes of stress, we can change the way we think about stressors and the way we react to them. People can be trained to 'inoculate' themselves...
Kobasa + Maddi
Hardiness - personality type that was especially resistant to stress. Believed that people could be trained in hardiness, tohelp them manage stress better. It involves * Focusing -...
Eval- SIT
Strengths 1. Effectiveness - Meichenbaum compared SIT with systematic desensitisation to deal with snake phobias. Both were effective but SIT helped to reduce fear associated...
Eval - SIT
Weakness 1. Time consuming and requires high motivation - Although SIT has been criticised because of this, Meichenbaum has also demonstrated the effectiveness of relatively...
Eval- Hardiness training
Strengths 1. It works - Hardiness training has been shown to be effective an many differnt populations. It has been shown to help at-risk students to deal with the stresses they...
Eval- Hardiness training
Weakness 1. Overcoming bad habits - Training must first address basic aspects of personality and learned habits of coping that are difficult to modify, therefore hardiness training...

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