Political Science Midterm Chapter 1

What Is World Politics

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Four Areas of World Politics include:
SecurityPolitical EconomyNew IssuesNature of politics and relations to each other
Examples of Security Issues:
India and Pakistan negotiationeffects of ilitary dominance of the USRole of NATO after cold warshould UN send peacekeeping missions to Sudan?
Examples of Political Economy Issues:
How should the US respond to EU regulations about beefWho benefits from decline of the dollar?
Examples of New Issues
Can trade policy be used to make states respect human rights of their citizens?How to counter global climate change?
Positive Theory:
Seeks to understand why events occur in the world (We use this one)
Normative theory:
Asks what is desirable, moral, and ethical
Why the Iraq War?
Ultimatum led to crisis and Sadam Hussein chose not to give in to terms given by bush, and did not cooperate with UN inspections.
What three basic questions do we ask about events in world politics?
1. Who are the relevant actors?2. What do the actors want?3. How do the choices of the actors interact to produce outcomes?
What 3 things do we need to know when looking at a situation in World Politics?
1. Preferenes 2. Capabilities3. Perceptions

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