Physical Science Semester 2 Review Chapter 11

Physical Science Semester 2 Review Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Review
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What is a wave?
a disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space.
Calculate the speed of a wave.
What do waves transfer?
What is the difference between a mechanical wave and an electromagnetic wave?
electromagnetic- does not require a medium, disturbance in electric and magnetic fields.
What is the connection between vibrations and transformations of energy?
simple harmonic motion- faces that push in opposite directions
How do particles move in transverse and longitudinal waves?
transverse- perpendicular , longitudinal- parallel
How do particles move in a surface wave?
How can you measure the amount of particle vibration?
How can you determine wave speed?
frequency x wavelength
What does the speed of a wave depend on?
What do you know about ALL electromagnetic waves as they travel through empty space?
they travel at the same speed
What is the relationship between frequency and pitch?
pitch is determined by frequency
Understand the Doppler effect?
an observed change in frequency of a wave when the source/observer is moving
Understand how waves behave. Reflection, refraction, and diffraction.
reflection- the bouncing back of a wave when it meets a surface, diffraction- the bending of a wave as it passes an edge or opening, refraction- the bending of waves as they pass from one medium to another
What happens when two waves interfere?
constructive- combining of waves where it is bigger than the original, destructive- resulting wave is smaller
What is a standing wave?
a vibration of a system in which some points remain fixed while others between vibrate

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