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Igneous rock is formed from
crystallization of molten magma
In a sedimentary rock, small rounded particles indicate
long distance and long travel time
The most common outpouring of lava occurs as
fissure eruptions
As the process of crystallization continues (from molten liquid to solid crystal) the composition...
both depleted in the minerals that have already crystallized and enriched in the minerals that...
The majority of surface rocks are
Rocks with a high water content have a
lower melting point
The layered appearance of foliated metamorphic rocks is due to the
realignment of sheet-structured minerals so that they are perpendicular to compressive forces.
As rock is heated, the first minerals to melt are those
with the lowest melting point
Plutons form from magma
below the earth's surface
A foliated metamorphic rock derived from granite is
For the crystallization of minerals from a magma melting point determines which mineral will...
solubility determines which mineral will form first
Rocks can begin to melt if
all of these
Most minerals can be identified by easily observable physical properties. In order of most...
hardness, cleavage, density, crystal form, and color
Mica is not found in
Minerals that have strong bonds between flat crystal surfaces tend to
show poor cleavage
Layers of limestone in a rock outcrop often indicate that the area had at some time been
covered by water
The most violent volcanic explosions are generated from
andesitic lava flows
For the crystallization of minerals from a magma melting point determines which mineral will...
solubility determines which mineral will form first
Color is not a reliable means for mineral identification because
minerals come in a variety of colors, and chemical impurities in the mineral can affect color
Basaltic volcanic eruptions tend to be
very fluid and have a low viscosity
In contact metamorphism, we generally find
dry, high-temperature rocks at the contact border
The three most common cementing agents in a sedimentary rock are
calcite, silica, and iron oxide
The three sources that brought young Earth to its melting point were
impact heating, gravitational contraction heating, radioactive decay heating.
Similar to the crystallization of silicate minerals, the crystallization of evaporite minerals...
precipitate first followed by the minerals that dissolve more easily
A mineral deposit can be classified as an ore deposit when
valuable metals in the deposit can be mined at a profit
Most of the batholithic-sized plutons found in the continents are composed of
In a wet and humid climate, the mineral halite will succumb to weathering more easily than...
all of these
The two most common igneous rocks are basalt and granite. Basalt is commonly found ________,...
on both the ocean floor and continental land; only on the continents.
Foliation in metamorphic rocks is due to directed stress, which causes elongated minerals to...
in parallel planes perpendicular to the direction of maximum stress.

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