Phonics Exam- 3

Liberty University Phonics Exam-3
Created Nov 30, 2008
by rljones7
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the process of recognizing isolated speech sounds and the ability to pronounce the word for...
phoneme blending
the ability of isolating all the sounds of a word
phoneme segmentation
the ability to recognize spoken words as a sequence of individual sounds
phonemic awareness
the scientific study of human speech sounds
a method in which basic phonetics, the study of human speech sounds, is used to teach beginning...
a letter sequence comprised of a vowel grapheme and an ending consonant grapheme ex: wig and...
when a vowel letter is followed by the letter r, it makes the vowel sound neither long nor...
r-controlled vowel
a part of a syllable that includes the vowel sound and any consonant sound that comes after...
often used as a synonym for base word
an unstressed sound commonly occurring in unstressed syllables.
schwa sound

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