Phonics - Chapter 3


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}Based on the subskill theory of teaching reading.  }Students must master a...
What is the content of Phonics
}Vowels: }A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y }Let’s practice the long and short sounds. }When...
}All other letters other than vowels
Consonat Blends/Clusters
}Two or more adjacent consonant letters whose sounds are blended together, with each sound...
Consonant Digraphs
}Two adjacent consonant letters that represent a single speech sound constitute...
Vowel Digraphs  
}Two adjacent vowel letters that represent a single speech sound constitute a vowel }When...
Diphthongs: (Greek for “having two sounds)
}Vowel sounds that are so closely blended that they can be treated as a single vowel unit...
Prerequisites for phonics instruction
}Visual Discrimination } }Audio Discrimination } }Phonemic Awareness
}C & G } }Hard sound when followed by a,o,u – Cat—draw picture }Soft...
}When two like consonants are next to each other, only one is sounded: EX: hall }Ch usually...
}The sound of a vowel preceding r is usually neither long nor short.  R controlled...
}If a word has only one vowel that vowel is at the end of the word, the vowel usually represents...
Open syllables
}Hi– long }Go--long
Closed Syllables – the vowel is “closed up by a consonant”
}Usually has a short sound }Ho----t }Hot }No----t }not
Syllable division  
}Mark the vowels underline the first two vowels and mark a V underneath them. }Draw...
Syllable Types
}Closed: A short vowel sound –Example hit }Open: A long vowel sound – Example...
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