Periosteum And Endosteum

Periosteum An D Endost
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what are the main function of periosteum and endosteum
nutritionof osseous tissue and provision of a contimous supply of new osetoblasts for repair...
whic is thinner the periosteum or endosteum
endosteum is found where within the bone  
lining of internal cavities within the bone
what is endosteum composed of
single layer of flattened osteoprogenitor cells and small amounts of conncective tissue
what is periosteum consists of
outer layer of collagen fibers and fibroblasts
what binds the periosteum to the bone
sharpeys fibers
sharpeys fibers are what type of fibers?
collagen fibers
how does sharpeys fibers bind perisoteum to the bone
penetration of the bone matrix,
perisoteum has an inner layer. what is it made of
osteoprogenitor cells (fibroblastlike cells)
what is the principal function of osteoprogenitor cells
bone growth and repair

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