Parent Functions

Parent Functions The Questions Describ
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linear y=x D: R R: R

absolute value y=IxI D: R R:[0,*8*)

quadratic y=x^2 D:R R:[0,*8*)

square root y=
D:[0,*8*) R:[0,*8*)

cubic y=x^3 D: R R:R

cubed root y=

rational y= 1/x D: (-*8*,0)U(0,*8*) R: (-*8*,0)U(0,*8*)

rational y=1/x^2 D: (-*8*,0)U(0,*8*) R: (0,*8*)

exponential y=2^x D: R R: (0,*8*)

logarithmic y=logx D: (0, *8*) R: R
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