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Side ASide B
Blooming onion
BLOOM, Breaded, deep fried, mayonnaise, horse radish
Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas
QUE ALICE ½ QUE ALICE, Woodfire grilled, bacon, honey mustard, mushrooms, montery...
Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie
GSB 8 shrimp, Woodfire grilled, romaine lettuce, remoulade, mayo, mustard, spices
Chicken Artichoke Flatbread
CHX ARTICHOKE 8 wedges, flatbread, chicken, spinach, artichokes, parmesan, olive oil
Spinach artichoke dip
SPIN DIP, Spinach, artichokes, montery jack, parmesan, focaccia flat bread chips, flatbread...
Kookaburra Wings
WINGS M/M/H One pound, breaded, deep fried, celery, blue cheese
Aussie Cheese Fries
CHEESE ½ CHEESE, Montery jack, cheddar cheese, spicy ranch
Seared Ahi Tuna
AHI APP ½ AHI APP Sashimi, yellowfi,n crusted in garlic peppe,r soybean sesame oil,...
Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp
COCO 8 prawns beer fried creole
Half portions
Seared Ahi, Aussie Fries, Alice Que
Shrimp or Chicken Caesar Salad
SHRIMP CSAL 8CHX CSAL, 8 woodfire grilled, sliced, 8 woodfire grilled
Filet Wedge Salad
FILET WEDGE SAL, 5 oz woodfire grilled filet, iceburg lettuce, blue cheese dressing,...
Aussie Chicken Cobb Salad
CRISPY CHX COBB 5OZ CHIX COBB, Three crispy chicken fingers 5 woodfire grilled chicken...
California Chicken Salad
CALI CHX SAL, 5 woodfire grilled chicken breast mixed greens and baby spinach, granny...
Soup n Salad
NAME SOUP, NAME SALAD, Bowl, signature side salad
Baked Potato Soup
CUP/POT BOWL/POT, Baked potato, bacon, chives, montery jack, cheddar
Baby Back Ribs
RIBS, Full, half, pork, smoked, woodfire grilled, bbq sauce, aussie fries
Alice Springs Chicken
ALICE 8oz woodfire grilled, honey mustard, bacon, mushrooms, montery jack and cheddar,...
Grilled Chicken on the Barbie *NAT UNDER 500CAL
8oz woodfire grilled bbq sauce seasoned mixed veggied
No rules parmesan pasta
NR PASTA CHICKEN SHRIMP SCALLOPS Alfredo, Parmesan, 8oz woodfire grilled 8 seared scallops,...
Sweet Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin
PORKLOIN Pork tenderoloin, apricot chilli glaze, garlic mashed potatoes,French green...
Woodfire Grilled pork chop
PORK 8OZ 8oz bone in pork chop, woodfire grill, crole marmalade , fresh steamed green...
New Zealand Rack of Lamb
RACK 10-12oz, cabernet sauce, new Zealand, seared, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh steamed...
Filet with Wild Mushroom Sauce
FILET WILD MUSH 5oz, petite filet, medium, marsala wine, wild mushroom sauce
Naturally under 500 cal?
Grilled Chicken on the barbie
Describe the sweet glazed pork and the wood fire grilled pork chop are cooked and which do...
Pork tenderloin is SLOW ROASTED and cooked to MEDIUM temperature. Woodfire grilled Pork chop...
Signature steaks come with
a cup of walkabout soup or one of our signature salads
Sides (10)
Broccoli, green beans, mixed veggies, rice, mashed potatoes, aussie fries, baked potato,...
Victorias Filet
6FILET 8FILET WF Tender, 6 or 8oz, classic seasoned and seared
Outback Special *Can be prepared under 500cal
6 8 or 11oz center cut, best value, most popular, classic seasoned and seared, 6oz,...
10Ribeybe 12Ribeye char, 10-12 marbling flavorful woodfire grill chargill seasoning...
New York Strip
10 12oz wf, marbling, name and flavor, classic seasoned and seared
Herb Roasted Prime Rib
8, 12, or 16, herb crusted, slow roasted, au jus, one side, 12 and 16oz, woodfire grill
18oz , strip and filet, chef recommended woodfire grilled
Teryiaki Filet Medallions
TERI FILT SKEWER chargrilled cooked to order, onions, peppers, rice
6 or 8oz
Outback special
10, 12oz chargrill
New York Strip
10 or 12oz seasoned and seared
Herb Roasted Prime Rib
8,12, or 16oz herb crusted
18oz woodfire grilled
cool red center
warn red center
warm brown/pink center
hot, brown no pink
Describe the woodfire grilled cooking style
- lightly seasoned, flame grilled, oak wood, outdoor flavor
Describe the Classic Seasoned and seared cooking style
bold, seasoned and seared, 17 spices, seared on a flat top grill to seal in flavor
Which woodfire grilled steak option has its own unique seasoning?
Chargrill seasoning, special spice rub, robust, marbling, unique
Our herb roasted prime rib can be finished how
Woodfire grilled
Filet and Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie *CAN BE COOKED UNDER 500CAL
FILET & GSB/ RC FILET & GSB, 5oz woodfire grilled, petite filet, medium, 4...
Filet and Lobster Tail
(OZ) FILET &LOB4OZ) 6oz filet 4oz grilled lobster tail, choice of two sides
Ribs and Chicken
Ribs and chx, 1/3 rack, baby back ribs, 5oz woodfire grilled chicken breast, bbq, aussie...
Sirloin and Choice of Shrimp
(OZ SIR 7GSB/(OZ) SIR & COCO 6/9/12oz, 4 grilled shrimp, fresh tomato basil, remoulade,...
Norwegian Salmon *Naturally under 500 Cal
SALMON 7, 7oz, woodfire grilled, seasonal veggies, lemon
Fresh Tilapia with Pure Lump Crab Meat
CRAB TILAPIA, crab stuffing, pure lump, white mushrooms, drizzle light lemon butter...
Woodfire Grilled Ahi Tuna
Grilled AHI 6oz sashimi style yellowfin, rare, woodfire grilled, lemon chive vinigrette, fresh...
Heart of Gold Mahi
GOLD MAHI 8oz woodfire grilled, mahi, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, green onions,...
Lobster Tails
2 LOB 4oz/2gr lob 4oz/ rc 2 lob 4 oz two 4oz, steamed, seasoned and grilled, drawn...
Which items in the straight from the sea section are garnished with rice?-
woodfire grilled ahi, hearts of gold mahi, simply grilled mahi
The Bloomin Burger
BURG BLOOM- American cheese, bloom sacue, bloom petals, lettuce, tomato, bloom sauce
The Outback Burger
OB OB W/CHEESE –pickes, lettuce, onion, tomato, mustard, swiss, American cheese upon...
Aged Cheddar Bacon Burger
BURB bb/CHEDD 7oz, aged cheddar, Oscar meyer bacon, pickles, lettuce onions tomato mayo
Grilled Chicken and Swiss/can be prepared under 500cal
CHX/S RCCHX/S 5oz woodfire grilled bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, no...
Filet Focaccia Sandwich
FILET FOCACCIA 5oz, filet tenderloin, melted provolone cheese, garlic herb aioli, toasted...

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