Oracle 1Z0-52 Dba 11g

The Differents Between A Level 1 And Level 0\n

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Side ASide B
Level 0 backups everything ..... Level 1 Differential incremental backs up changes...
That means Level 0  -- 1 cumulate          ...
Database writer can have more then one dw and also will write whenever a checkpointing happens
RMAN automatic backups
will configure using autobackup Control file and Server parameter fil  
Data Recovery Advisor (DRA) will not help you on a standby database or recover from...
You can create an index on a table Create a synonym on a table for a external table
A B-tree index has lef blocks that are doubly linked and the space is available if a row...
A database Global Database Name is the database name and the domain name.......
The operating system group must have permission to write to the inventory directory - else...
A extent can not spread across a data file.
Do you know what a extent is????
Run Memory advisor (Buffer cache) if Automatic Shared Memory Manager is disable and you have...
Tempory tables can have Indexes and views and. are created in temporay tablespaces and Locks...

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