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What has been happening in Thebes that brings all the members of the community to Oedipus's...
There have been plagues in which there is famine and women can't have children. There have...
What deed had Oedipus accomplished that makes the people believe that he is the "wisest in...
He solved the riddle of the sphinx.
What do the people of Thebes want Oedipus to do for them?
They want him to find out the cause of the plagues and they want him to end it.
Who is Creon?
Oedipus's brother in law, Jocasta's son and was king of thebes for a short time. He has no...
Who does Oedipus send to Delphi to learn how to save Thebes?
Creon because Oedipus loves and trusts him.
What suggestion does Creon make when Oedipus asks about the message from the god, Apollo?
Creon says that he wants to talk to Oedipus alone to protect his privacy.
Who is Laios?
He was the prior king, father of Oedipus, dead husband of Jocasta.
Why has no one made an attempt to find out the truth about what had happened to Laois?
They were so preocupied witht he sphinx terrorizing the town.
To which three gods does the Chorus pray for help?
Apollo, Athena, Artemis
What does the Chorus want the gods to do for them?
save their city of Thebes
What promise does Oedipus make to anyone who comes forward with information about Laios' murder?
He will be pardoned if he is a foreigner but greatly punished if he isn't. He will give a reward...
Why does Oedipus berate his people with regard to King Laois?
They haven't done anything about the murder of their king.
Who does the Choragos suggest could help Oedipus locate the whereabouts of the murderer?
When does Oedipus ask the prophet to reveal the name of the murderer, what is the prophet's...
you dont want to know, i dont want to say
What conclusion does Oedipus jump to when the prophet continually refuses to give specific...
He doesn't think Teiresias did it, he thinks it was Creon.
Who does the prophet finally reveal as the murderer of King Laios?
Who is said to be the most concerned with the fate of Laois' murder?
Who does Oedipus accuse of being behind a plot to destroy him?
Who does the Chorus say will follow the killer wherever he goes?
the furies
What seems to be the attitude of the Chorus in Ode 1 toward the prophet's revelation?
They doubt it, they say it is all lies, They are with Oedipus and against Teiresias.

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