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Neo-analytic approach
The approach to personality psychology that is concerned with tthe individual's sense of self(ego)...
Personal unconscious vs collective unconscious
Personal unconscious: According to Jung, the component of the mind that contains thoughts and...
Jung's four fucntions of the mind
 Sensing Thinking Feeling Intuiting
Extroversion vs introversion
extroversion: term used by Jung to describe the directing of the libido, or psychic energy,...
Individual Psychology
Alfred adler's theory of personality that stresses the unique motivations of individuals and...
inferiority complex
According to Adler, an individual's exaggerated feelings of personal incompetence that result...
superiority complex
according to Adler, an exagerrated arrogance that an individual develops in order to overcome...
organ inferiority
Adler's concept that everyone is born wit some phsycial weakness at whch point incapacity and...
aggression drive
Adler's concept that an individual is driven to lash out against the inablitity to achieve...
adler's personality typology
 4 functions 2 attitudes 8 types    Determined by the person’s dominant...
Basic anxiety
Horney: a child’s fear of being alone, helpless, and insecure
object relations theories
the approach to personality that focuses on teh objects of psychic drives and the imprtance...
symbiotic psychotic vs normal symbiotic
symbiotic psychotic: according to Margaret mahler, the forming of emtional ties that are so...
mark snyder's concept of self-observation and self-control guided by situational cuesabout...
a term used by mark Synder to describe doing what is socially expected.
Horney's  Styles of coping with basic anxiety
  Passive (complying) Aggressive (fighting) Withdrawn (disengaging)
Horney's different aspects of the self
  Real self The inner core of personality Despised self Feelings of inferiority and...
neo-analytical/ego analogy
  Humans are conscious actors and strivers
View of free will
  Though personality is largely determined by unconscious forces, individuals do have...

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