NCLEX - PN Lab Values / Patient Positions / Etc.

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Sodium (Na)
135 - 145 mEq/LMaintains osmotic pressure and acid-base balance. Assists with the transmission...
Potassium (K)
3.5 - 5.0 mEq/LUsed to evaluate cardiac, renal, and GI functions
Chloride (Cl)
96 - 106 mEq/ LActs as buffer during oxygen and CO2 exchange in RBC's
Bicarbonate (HCO3 -)
22-29 mEq/LBicarbonate-Carbonic acid buffering system. Mainly responsible for regulating pH...
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT)
20 - 35 secondsMonitor heparin therapy or identify coagulation disorders
Prothrombin Time (PT)
Values:  9.5 - 11.5 secondUsed to regulate Warfarin / Coumadin therapy
Platelet Count
150,000 - 400,000Low platelet count = bleeding precautions
Red Blood Cells (RBC's)
Male 4.6–6.2 million/mm3Female 4.2–5.4 million/mm3
Leukocytes (WBC)
Calcium (Ca+)
9–11 mg/dL or 4.5–5.5 mEq/L
Fowler's position
The client is supine, and the head of the bed is elevated to 45 to 60 degrees.
High Fowler's position
The client is supine, and the head of the bed is elevated to 90 degrees; the knees of the bed...
Lateral (side-lying) position
The client is lying on the side, and the head and shoulders are aligned with the hips and the...
Lithotomy position
The client is lying on his or her back with the hips and knees flexed at right angles and the...
Prone position
The client is lying on his or her abdomen with the head turned to the side.
Reverse Trendelenburg's position
The bed is tilted so that the foot of the client's bed is lower than the head of the bed
Semi-Fowler's position (low Fowler's position)
The client is supine, and the head of the bed is elevated approximately 30 degrees
Sim's position
The client is lying on his or her side with the body turned prone at 45 degrees; the lower...
Supine Position
The client is lying on his or her back; the head and shoulders are usually slightly elevated...
Trendelenburg's position
The bed is tilted so that the head of the client's bed is lower than the foot of the bed; this...
Chadwick's Sign
The violet coloration of the vaginal mucous membranes that is visible from about 4 weeks' gesttation...
Vaginal discharge from the uterus that consists of blood from the vessels of the placental...
Nagele's Rule
Add 7 days to the first day of the last menstrual period. Subract 3 months from that date,...
Human offspring from the time of birth to the day 28 of life.
A pregnant woman. The woman is call gravida I or primigravida. Gravida II during the second,...
The number of pregnancies that have reached viability, regardless of whether the infants were...
True labor
Contractions occur regularly they become stronger, last longer, and occur closer together.
False labor
False labor does not produce dilation, effacement, or descent. Contractions are irregular and...
Apgar Score interventions
0-3 Infant requires resuscitation4-7 Gently stimulate, Rub the infant's back, Administer oxygen...
Congestive Heart Failure
The inability of the heart to pump sufficiently to meet the metabolic needs of the body
Highly contagious bacterial infection of the skin caused by B-hemolytic streptoccoci, Staphylococcus...
Isolation Precaution: Standard
Applies to all patients. Basic handwashing
Isolation Precaution: Droplet
Private Room, surgical mask for staff & visitors ENTERING room. Surgical mask for patient...
Isolation Precaution: Airborne
Private room > Negative pressure room. Close door at all times. N-95 particulate respirator...
Isolation Precaution: Contact
Contact: Gloves, Gown. NO MASK. Leave equipment inside the room. Leave designated instruments...
Airborne Diseases
"MY CHICKENS HAS TB" Measles (Rubeola) Chickenpox (Varicella) Herpes Varicella Zoster Shingles...
Droplet Diseases
"SSS PPP IDERMMAN" Sepsis, Scarlet Fever, Streptococcal Pharyngitis Parvovirus, Pertussis (whooping...
Contact Diseases
MRSA RSV Skin Infections Wound Infections Ebola Virus Infections; Hemorragic Disease Eye Infection...
Dehydration Sign and Symptoms
1) Decreased Urinary output 2) Increased urine specific gravity 3) Decreased Skin Turgor ...
Over hydration Sign and Symptoms
1) Increased Urinary output 2) Decreased urine specific gravity 3) Edema 4) Increased...
Magnesium (Mg)
1.7 to 2.2 mg/dL
Addison's Disease
Addison's disease is a disorder that occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough of...
Cushing's Disease
Cushing’s disease is a condition in which the pituitary gland releases too much adrenocorticotropic...

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