NCLEX: Erikson Theory

NCLEX: Erikson Theory NCLEX: Erikson Theory
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infancy/birth to 18 months
trust vs. mistrust infants learn to trust others
early childhood/18 months to 3 yrs
autonomy vs. shame and doubt children learn to self sufficient (toileting, feeding, walking, exploring) doubt of their abilities
late childhood 3 to 5 yrs
initiative vs. guilt want to take on adultlike activities/sometimes overstepping limits set by adults and feeling guilty
school age 6 to 12 yrs
industry vs. inferiority competent/productive in new skills or feel inferior /unable to do anything well
adolescence 12 to 20
identity vs. role confusion try to figure out who they are establish sexual, political, career identities/ or confused about what roles to play
young adult 18 to 25
intamacy vs. isolation seek intamacy (love) with another person or become isolated from others /fear rejection/disappointment
adulthood 25 to 65 yrs
generativity vs. stagnation contribute to the next generation by performing meaningful work / or become stagnant/inactive
maturity 65 and up
integrity vs. despair try to make sense of their lives ( sees life as meaningful whole or despairing at goals never accomplished
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