NCLEX: Erikson Theory

NCLEX: Erikson Theory
Created Aug 2, 2009
by typksn
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infancy/birth to 18 months
trust vs. mistrust infants learn to trust others
early childhood/18 months to 3 yrs
autonomy vs. shame and doubt children learn to self sufficient (toileting, feeding, walking,...
late childhood 3 to 5 yrs
initiative vs. guilt want to take on adultlike activities/sometimes overstepping limits set...
school age 6 to 12 yrs
industry vs. inferiority competent/productive in new skills or feel inferior /unable to do...
adolescence 12 to 20
identity vs. role confusion try to figure out who they are establish sexual, political, career...
young adult 18 to 25
intamacy vs. isolation seek intamacy (love) with another person or become isolated from others...
adulthood 25 to 65 yrs
generativity vs. stagnation contribute to the next generation by performing meaningful work...
maturity 65 and up
integrity vs. despair try to make sense of their lives ( sees life as meaningful whole or...

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