Muscles Moving The Elbow Joint

Origin Insertion Innervation And Action Of Muscles That Move The Elbow Joint
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Biceps Brachii
Origin: (sh) coracoid process of scapula, (lh) supraglenoid tubercleInsertion: radial tuberosity and bicipetal aponeurosisInnervation: musculocutaneousAction: elbow flexion
Origin: ANT. distal surface of humerusInsertion: ulnar tuberosityInnervation: musculocutaneousAction: elbow flexion
Origin: Lateral supracondylar ridge of humerusInsertion: styloid process of radiusInnervation: radialAction: elbow flexion, radial supination and pronation
Triceps Brachii
Origin: (LH) infraglenoid tubercle, (LatH) superior lateral surface of humerus, (MedialH) posterior distal surface of humerusInsertion: olceranon process of ulnaInnervation: radialAction: elbow extension
Origin: lateral epicondyle of humerusInsertion: lateral surface of olecranon processInnervation: radialAction: stabilization at elbow, elbow extension
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