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Which of the following statements helps to explain the popularity of magazines as an advertising...
Magazines offer flexibility in both readership and advertising.
Which of the following statements explains why some advertisers are reluctant to use magazines...
Magazines cannot deliver high-frequency.
The reach of magazines...
is adversly affected by declining magazine circulations.
When the dark or colored background of an ad extends to the edge of the printed page, it is...
An ad for Verizon wireless on the back cover of a Fast Company magazine would be an example...
fourth cover
Which of the following are two types of ads placed in the middle of magazine pages and surrounded...
junior units and island halves
A gatefold is a(n):
insert with pages that extend and fold over to fit into a magazine
What are the three most common ways to categorize or classify magazines?
content, geography, and size
Lumberman is a monthly publication targets businesses in the sawmill industry. It is an example...
On what do magazines base their advertising rates?
Which of the following advantages does broadcast television provide to its advertisers?
mass coverage
One of the disadvantages that commonly plagues advertisers on contemporary broadcast television...
long lead times
As an advertising medium, one of broadcast television's greatest disadvantages is:
high cost of production and air time
The primary advantages of cable TV as an advertising medium are:
its selectivity, low cost, and flexibility
One of the disadvantages that commonly plagues advertisers on contemporary cable television...
audience fragmentation
_____ occurs when an advertiser underwrites the total cost of a program.
When several advertisers buy 30- or 60-second segments within a program, they are:
buying on a participation basis
Why is most network TV advertising sold on a participating basis,?
This enables smaller advertisers to buy a limited amount of time and still have nationwide...
Some advertisers avoid using network TV advertising because:
network advertising requires such a long lead-time
Spot announcements....
run in clusters between programs
The first commercially available _____ that accommodated graphics was Netscape Navigator. It...
web browser software
To access the Internet, computer users must first choose from two types of communication systems....
broadband and narrowband
_____ is a type of digital data transmission in which each wire carries only one signal, or...
Of the methods people use to access the Internet, which is the least expensive?
narrowband via dial-up modem with Internet service provider
For homes or offices, there are essentially only two ways to download broadband transmission....
via cable modem and via DSL
A cable modem system:
is 10x faster than dial up
The concept of _____ is based on the idea that people would rather use the Internet for fun...
According to the text, which of the following is NOT a type of Internet advertising opportunity?
home pages
What does the acronym HTML represent?
hypertext markup language
What is the most basic form of Internet advertising?
banner ad

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