Metcalfe County Veterans

A Neat Way To Learn The Veterans In Metcalfe And Surrounding Counties.

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He served as a Staff Sargent in the army for 11 years, and was a Dog Handler in the Vietnam War. Who is this hero?
Denzil Lile

He was stationed at Fort Belvior, Virginia and served for 2 yrs. Rank was specialist 5. Who is this Hero?
 Doug Clemmons

He was ranked as a 1st class seaman and was stationed on the USS Maidus ARB5. Who is this hero?
James S. Collins Sr.

He served 2 yrs in the Army as a corpal and was stationed in Germany. Who is this hero?
Carl Jefferies

He served in the Army for 2 yrs in WWII as a Private First Class. He was stationed in France and Germany. He was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart. Who is this hero?
Elvas Oakes

He currently resides in Beavercreek, Ohio with his family. He is serving in the Army and has been in the National Guard since 1988 until present day.  Who is this hero?
Martin Phipps

He served 4 years in the army and was ranked as a specialist in mechanics. He was awarded various medals in marksmanship. Who is this hero?
Cecil Bragg

He serves in the Army Reserves as a Major. He has served 19 years and 10 months as of March 4th. He is currently stationed in Ft. Knox, KY. Who is this hero?
Byron Perkins

He served in the Air Force as a sargeant. He served from 1971-1974. He was stationed in Germany and the Phillipines. Who is this hero?
David Keltner

He served in the Army from January 1940-August 1945. He was stationed in Panama for 3 1/2 years. He was a veteran of WWll. He currently resides in Green Co. with his wife. Who...
Clyde Poynter

He ranked in the U.S. Army serving as a private 1st class. He served from 1953-1955. He was stationed in Germany. Who is this hero?
John Glass

He served in the U.S Air Force as a Chief Warrant Officer for 22 years. He served in 3 different wars.He fought in Germany, Korea, and Vietnam. He was a prisoner in Germany for 1 year.He...
Herbert South  

He was born May 17, 1936. He served in the Navy from 1954-1955 ranking as a seaman E1. He trained at the Great Lakes  and was stationed on the U.S.S. Chilton APA-38, Puerto Rico...
William Bell

He was born October 7th, 1932. He served in the U.S Navy 1951-1955 as a 3rd class petty officer.He attenteded boot camp at the Great Lakes in the Illionois area and trained in Jacksonville,FL...
Joseph Gossett

He served in the Army in the 101st Airborne. He served as a Corpal and a total of 3 years total, 27 of which were on board.He was stationed in European Arena-Holland, Netherlands, Belgium,...
Jimmie Beck

He served in the airforce, NCO Train. He was ranked as a Master Sergeant and served for 25 years. He was stationed at Bowman Air Force Field, Virginia and North Carolina. Who is this...
Charles VanDenver

He served in the Air Force for 4 years. He is ranked as an E-5 Air Craft Pilot and was stationed in Dover, Delaware. He fought in Vietnam, where flying planes was his most memorable...
Bill Eskridge

He served in the Army. He held the rank as Specialist (Spc.) until his death where he then was awarded the rank of Sergeant. He served our country from November 18, 2003 through February...
Eric Toth

He served in the U.S. Armed Forces from October 11, 1945 through June 30, 1949. He was a pistol expert in the WWII 60th Infantry ranking as a Private 1st Class. He recieved a Victory...
Kyle Crawthorn

He seved in the U.S. Army ranked as a Specialist 4 Corporal. He was enlisted for 2 years (1966 - 1968). He served 1 year in Vietnam (1967-1968). Who is this hero? 
Tommy Hurt

He served two years in the Army as a sergeant. While stationed in Vietnam, he served as a sniper in the 199th Infantry. He was awarded numerous medals such as: a National Defense Service...
Allen Berryman

He served our country in the U.S National Guard from 1998 til present. He was stationed in Tompkinsville, KY and ranked a sergent. Who is this hero?
William "Eddie" Compton

He was a World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Army Air Forces 9th division from late summer 1942 until late 1945. His tour included several foreign countries including India...
Robert Carl Elmore

He served in the United States Army from 1969 through 1971, ranked as an E5 Sergeant. He was stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and Ft. Dix, New Jersey. Who is this hero?
Dennis Coulter

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