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What is a specialty nursing organization related to female and baby issues?
Specialty nursing organizations (AWHONN) Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses
What are some statistics of Legal Considerations for Patient Care?
Legal Considerations for Patient Care Statistics–Descriptive Statistics-describes a situation of phenomena.Birth RateInfant Mortality RateNeonatal Mortality Rate Maternal...
What are some Inferential Statistics?
Inferential Statistics –Relationship between variables –What is an example?
Why would nurses need statistics in providing nursing care to mothers, newborn, and families?
Evidence base nursing practices
What are some Government Programs in the U.S.?
Health insurance coverage for childbearing women and infants. Coordination and funding of public programs. Establishing a national council on children and health. Primary...
Explain what is managed care?
Combination of healthcare services, financing of services and controlling the use of services. Focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. Fewer expensive tests and...
What ways have the U.S. Shortened Hospital Stay with Newborns and Mothers?
1990’s postpartum stays were shortened to 24 hours or less. Newborns’ and Mothers’ Health Protection Act of 1996 –48 hours after a vaginal delivery –96 hours after delivery...
Who are Unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)?
Healthcare workers who have no defined body of knowledge or educational preparation upon which to base their practice. –Uncredentialed–No state or federal regulatory body to...
What can you delegate to UAP's?
What cannot be delegated to UAP's?
What is in a Nurse's role as a client advocate?
Current information about issues critical to client care. Educate clients and family about such issues. Become involved in the political process Advocate for quality...
What are some Ethical Issues in nursing?
Ethics and legal issues are interrelated. Ethics is based on a responsibility or duty model (what our behavior ought to be) Risks, benefits, concerns and needs of the persons...
What are the Principles used in clinical practice
Respect AutonomyBeneficence medical ethics Nonmaleficence -doing no harmConfidentiality Informed consent
What are the three patient rights?
1. Informed consent2. Right to privacy3. Confidentiality
What are some Ethical Considerations in Maternity Nursing?
-Maternal Fetal Conflict-Abortion-Fetal Research-Reproductive Assistance-Embryonic Stem Cell Research-Cord Blood Banking-Human Geonome Project
What are some Cultural Health Beliefs and Cultural Competence?
Beliefs about pregnancy and childbearing are significantly influenced by the culture in which the family was raised and is now living. Many societies do not consider pregnancy...
What is the Diversity issues that we have to deal with in the Nursing Field?
-Race-Ethnicity-National origin-Religion-Age-Gender-Social class-Economic status-Education-Sexual orientation-Ability/disability
What is Ethnocentric?
Subconsciously every human being views other people by using their own group of customs as the standard for all judgments. View others’ ways as inferior to personal ways. Need...
How can we have Cultural Competence?
Cultural awareness Cultural knowledgeCultural skill Cultural encounterCaring Identify your own personal biases, attitudes, stereotypes, and prejudices
How can nurses be Cultural/Spiritual Competence?
Make a conscious decision to respect the values and beliefs of others. Use sensitive current languageProvide for the services of an interpreter if language barriers exist. Expectant...
What are some Cultural variation during pregnancy?
Formalized assistance form healthcare providers. Nontraditional support systems –traditionally female support and guidance. RN responsibility for cultural assessment...
What is a family?
What is a family? –A group of individuals related by blood, marriage, or mutual goals. –Bound by strong emotional ties, a sense of belonging.
What is considered a traditional family?
-Traditional1. Nuclear Family2. Extended Family
What is some Nontraditional Family?
-Nontraditional1. Single parent family2. Three-generational family3. Dyad family - Two individuals4. Blended family5. Cohabiting family6. Gay or...
What should we consider in The Childbearing Family?
Developmental crisis Tasks need to be faced and mastered to achieve next maturational stage Situational crises are unexpected and may be combined with a developmental...
What is the Eight Stage Family Life Cycle?
Stage I -Beginning familiesStage II -Childbearing familiesStage III -Preschool childrenStage IV -School-age childrenStage...
What is the Historical trends of nursing in Maternity?
Midwifery –since early times Obstetrics –late 19thcentury1920-1930’s –home to hospital births 1960’s –natural childbirth movement 1980’s -consumerism,...
What is considered Family Centered Maternity Care?
Childbirth is a natural event. Childbearing is a family affair. Reproductive health of family is important to the health of society. Parenting is learned. Foster...
What are some Nursing Members in the Maternity Nursing Field?
Professional nurses Advanced practice nurses –Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) –Nurse practitioners (NPs) –Clinical nurse specialists (CNS’s) Unlicensed...
What is Critical Thinking in the Maternity Field?
Intellectual processes that include separating fact from opinion, identifying prejudices and stereotypes that may influence interpretation of information, exploring differing ideas...

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