Marketing Chapter 9


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an interactive, flexible, computerized information system that enables managers to obtain and manipulate information as they are making decisions
decision support system (DSS)
the process of planning, collecting, and analyzing data relevant to a marketing decision
marketing research
determining what information is needed and how that information can be obtained efficiently and effectively
marketing research problem
the specific information needed to solve a marketing research problem; the objective should be to provide insight decision-making information
management decision problem
data previously collected for any purpose other than the one at hand
secondary data
the most popular technique for gathering primary data, in which a researcher interacts with people to obtain facts, opinions, and attitudes
survey research
seven to ten people who participate in a group discussion led by a moderator
focus group
an interview question that encourages an answer phrased in the respondent's own words
open-ended question
an interview question that asks the respondent to make a selection from a limited list of responses
close-ended question
a closed-ended question designed to measure the intensity of a respondent's answer
scaled-response question
researchers posing as customers who gather observational data about a store
mystery shopper
a form of observation marketing research that uses data mining coupled with identifying Web surfers by their IP address
behavioral targeting (BT)
the study of human behavior in its natural context; involves observation of behavior and physical settings
ethnographic research
a method a researcher uses to gather primary data
a subset of a large population
an error that occurs when there is a difference between the information desired by the researcher and the information provided by the measurement process
measurement error
media that consumers generate and share among themselves
consumer-generated media (CGM)
a system for gathering information from a single group of respondents by continuously monitoring the advertising, promotion, and pricing they are exposed to and the things they buy
scanner-based rdesearch

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