Marketing Chapter 14

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the connected chain of all of the business entities, both internal and external to the company,...
Supply Chain
a management system that coordinates and integrates all of the activities performed by supply...
Supply Chain Management
when multiple firms in a supply chain coordinate their activities and processes so...
Supply Chain Integration
bundles of interconnected activities that stretch across firms in the supply chain
Business Processes
allows companies to prioritize their marketing focus on different customer groups according...
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process
presents a multi-company, unifies response system to the customer whenever complaints, concerns,...
Customer Service Management Process
the process of strategically managing the efficient flow and storage or raw materials, in-process...
a production method whereby products are not made until an order is placed by the customer;...
Mass Customization (build-to-order)
information technology that replaces the paper documents that usually accompany business transactions,...
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
a manufacturer's or suppliers's use of an independent third party to manage an entire function...
Outsourcing (contact logistics)
a distribution technique that includes any kind of product or service that can be distributed electronically,...
Electronic distribution

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