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Managment 371
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The areas described in the text as the most dominant in the global economy include:
-North America -Western Europe -Asia
Which of the following is the overarching goal of unification of the European Union?
Strengthen Europe's position as an economic superpower, particularly vis-a-vis the United...
Under (the) _____ member countries have agreed to adopt a common European currency called the...
To be competetitve in a global economy, Europeans must increase their level of  ______?
Which country does th etext describe as becoming the largest producer and consumer of many...
One study found that maufacturing labor costs about _____ an hour in China, compared to ______...
Less than $1; about $25
NAFTA combined the economies of
the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
The passage of NAFTA has provided short-term benefits to which of the following industries?
-The auto industry -Grain producers -The financial industry -Capital-goods suppliers
Which of the following existing agreements includes Guatemala, Honduras, and the United States?
Which country does the text describe as having become an important provider of online computer...
What are consequences of the increasing integration of the global economy?
Many compaies find their home markets under attack from foriegn competition.
Today's managers operate in an environment that is ____ complex and competitive and offers...
more; opprotunities
Operating in a global marketplace is considered more complex because?
of varying cultures and coordination of globally dispersed operations.
_______ occurs when the organization contracts with an outside provider to produce one or more...
______ occurs when companies move jobs to another country, typically where wages are lower.
What factors should be considered by managers who are deciding whether to offshore?
What is the competitive advantage of the organization's products?  Is the organization...
When identifying the best strategy for competing in a global marketlace, it is helpful to plot...
integration-responsiveness grid
The grid used for identifying the best strategy for competting in a global marketplace measures...
1.) Financial Visability 2.) Employee Satisfaction
Pressures for global integration includes?
pressures to reduce costs
Which of the following is a global strategy used as an apporach to international competition?
International model Multinational mode Global model Transitional model
The model in which managers use their organization's existing core capabilities to expand...
international model
Pressure for local responsiveness includes?
varying consumer preferences varying sales and distribution patterns varying traditions varying...
_______ includes threats of protectionism, economic nationalism and local rules.
Economic and political demands
The Disney Coropration has marketed its ficility in France somewhat differently that its United...
The international model of organizational structure consists of?
Subsidiaries located in countries where the company does bsuiness with much of the control...
Which model of organizational structure did IBM and Xerox profit from to transfer skills and...
International Model
The overseas success of Kellogg, Coca-Cola, Heinz, and Procter & Gamble are based on marketing...
International Model
Character Corporation has subsidiaries in each country in which id does business. As the parent...
Where global effieneicny is not required but adapting to local conditions offers advantages,...

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