Managerial Accounting: Decision Making & Relevant Information

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Make Or Buy DecisionsSpecial Order ConsiderationsContinue/Discontinues A Business SegmentProduct Mix Decision Under A Single Constraint

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What is relevant cost or revenue?
A cost or revenue that differs between alternatives.
The objective of Make of Buy Decisions
To find the alternative that is least costly
Other things to consider with Make or Buy Decisions
The quality of the part/service, your reputation and the reliability.
The Solution strategy for Make or Buy Decisions
Compare the relevant costs of making or buying the products.  Non-relevant item's need not be taken into account.Format:          ...
What is a special order?
A one-time sale at a reduced price.
The objective of Special Order Considerations.
To maximize our...
Other considerations for Special Orders.
Do I have enough capacity?  It should not impact the regular business.
The solution strategy for Special Order Considerations.
Work the problem on a per unit basis, if it is possible/practical.  Otherwise use total costs.Format:Incremental Revenue            ...
The objective of Continuing/Discontinuing a Business Segment
To maximize the company's income by retaining business segments with positive segmental margin.
Segmental Margin is?
revenue minus variable and avoidable costs for the business segment.
Other considerations for Continue/Discontinue a Business Segment
Beware of losing sales in other departments.
The solution strategy for Continue/Discontinue a Business Segment.
                                               Total   ...
The objective of Product Mix Decisions under a single constraint.
To maximize the benefit/opportunity of the limited/scarce resource, i.e. production time, labor hours, machine hours.
Other Considerations?
Solution Strategy
Find the contribution margin per unit of the scarce resource for each of the different items you can produce.Then use this format to allocate the units of scarce resource to each item...

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