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your a software developer, and you`ve just created a program that uses a new set of shared...
Open source software is freeley developed and continuously improved by a large community of...
Linux is merely one product of open source development.True or False
It is better to keep as many support modules in the kernel as possible.True or False
Each computer participating on the internet must have an IP addressTrue or False
It is difficult to port software designed for unix to linux.True or False
A "____" is a piece of software that tells the operating system how to use a specific hardware...
device driver
The "___" indicates the stability of a linux kernel.- major number- production kernel- minor...
minor number
the concept of "___" enables software developers to read the source code of other peoples software,...
open source software
"___" is software that is distributed free of charge, but the source code is not available-...
the "___" stipulates that the source code of any software published under its license must...
GNU public license
Consider the phrase "collaboration between several developers with a common need speeds up...
stability and security
HOWTO documents are centrally collected by the "___"- linux documentation project- GNU project-...
Linux documentation project 
which of the following is the greatest expense for companies using linux- software upgrades-...
hiring staff to maintain the system
Solaris, HP-UX and AIX are all "___" of unix- versions- flavors- types- instances
the source code for linux was released in - 1987- 1990- 1991- 1993
the core componet of the GUI in linux is referred to as - GNOME- KDE- Red Hat- X Windows
X windows
A "___" is merely a compressed archive of files that usually contain scripts that install the...
a "___" service provides an efficient method for transferring files over the internet.- FTP-...
a "___" service allows users on a network to post messages in forums.- FTP- News- Web- DNS
companies and institutions using computers to perform extraordinary large calculations that...
"___" consists of the physic components inside a computer and are electrical in nature
the "___" is the core component of the linux operating system
lnux kernel
linux kernel version 3.4.4 is a "___" kernel
the ability for a computer to increase workload as the number of processes increases is known...
linux kernel version 3.5.4 is a "___" kernel
linux kernel version 3.4.4 is a "___" kernel
Both stable and development kernels will have releases at various intervals True or False
clock speed alone determines the speed in whic a computer can work-true-false
almost all USB devides can be attached to the computer while it is on for the operating system...
keyboards and mice are devices that facilitate user input and direction-true-false
any operating system can be installed on any computer, regardless of the computers hardware.-true-false
asymmetric multiprocessing (known as ASMP)
an ASMP system assigns certain tasks only to certain processors
Symmetric multiprocessing (known as SMP)
involves a multiprocessor computer hardware architecture where two or more identical...
The ____ stores information for retrieval in a separate computer chip that is connected to...
level 2 (L2) cache
____ refers to a system in which each processor is given a certain role or set of tasks to...

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