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When a counselor recognizes issues that are beyond their base of knowledge and consequently...
a. Assessment b. Crisis Intervention c. Consultation d. Referral e. Case Management
What concurrent disorder may be present if a client displays lossening of associations, poverty...
a. depression b. borderline disorder c. post-traumatic stress disorder d. schizophrenia e....
Initial euphoria, drowsiness, psychomotor agitation or retardation, slurred speech, nausea,...
a. opioids b. phencyclidine c. hallucinogens d. stimulants e. amphetamines
When explaining the results of a comprehensive assessment to a client, you should:
a. proceed at an individualized pace and use understandable language b. ensure that a significant...
Upon completion of assessment, before client signs tx plan, counselor should address all of...
a. why certain tx goals were selected b. why certain problem statements will b focus of tx c....
All are appropriate for dealing with alcoholic families during tx EXCEPT:
a teach them to validate perceptions b. guide them thru problem-solving techniques c. stress...
A 25-yo married client w/2 children has learned he is about to lose his job  He contacts...
a. give the client a plan to carry out b. involve significant others to support coping effort c....

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