Inventions/Innovations In The Second Industrial Revolution

Vocabulary On Inventi
Created Oct 6, 2009
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   Bessemer Converter    
A process, created by Henry Bessemer, which produced steel faster by using extreme heat.
A way to communicate using wires, created by Samuel Morse.
A way to communicate using audio, created by Alexander Graham Bell.
  Electric Light   
A device which produces light using electricity, created by Thomas Edison.
A way to travel through the air, created by Orville and Wilbur Wright.
 Automatic Air Brakes    
Created by George Westinghouse, this invention allowed a locomotive and all of its cars to...
Devices that could capture and record moving images.
 Department Stores/Chain Stores/ Mail Order Stores    
Stores in which you could get: several items, the same items everywhere, and goods from far...
  Transcontinental Railroad
The railroad which stretched across the entire United States, formed by a merge of the Central...

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