Intro To Med Assist - Chap 3 Abdominopelvic Regions, Quadrants & Planes Of Body    

Organization Of Human Body - Abdominopelvic Regions, Quadrants And Planes Of The Body From Chapter 3

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abdominopelvic regions
there nine regions that lie over the abdominopelvic cavity. umbilical region, right lumbar...
umbilical region
the area in the center of the abdominopelvic region.
lumbar region
laterally (toward the side) to the left and right of the umbilical region. They are called...
hypochondriac region
superior (above) to the lumbar regions and below the ribs are the left and right hypochondriac...
epigastric region
medial (toward the midline) to the hypochondriac regions, and superior (above) to the umbilical...
hypogastric region
Inferior (below) to the umbilical region.
iliac region
lateral (toward the side) to the sides of the hypogastric region are the left and right iliac...
inguinal regions
the right and left iliac regions are sometimes referred to the inguinal regions.
abdominopelvic quadrants
a simpilar method of naming a location in the abdominopelvic region is to divide the area into...
right upper quadrant (RUQ)
in the RUQ lies the liver
left upper quadrant (LUQ)
in the LUQ lie the stomach and spleen.
right lower quadrant (RLQ)
in the RLQ is the appendix, sometimes pain in the in that area is referred to as pain in area...
left lower quadrant (LLQ)
except for the appendix, the LLQ contains organs similar to the LRQ. In the LLQ halfway between...
McBurney's Point (RLQ)
the area that is approximately two thirds of the distance between the navel and the hip bone...
Munro's Point (LLQ)
in the LLQ halfway between the naval and the hip bone. this is a standard site of entrance...
planes of the body
another way of describing the body is by dividing it into planes, or flat surfaces that are...
sagittal planes
vertical planes that separate the sides from each other
midsagittal planes (median sagittal)
separates the body into equal right and left halves.
frontal plane (coronal)
divides the body into front and back portions.
transverse plane
divides the body horizontally into an upper part and a lower part.
oblique plane
not as commonly used as the other plane terms, divides the body at a slanted angle.

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