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What is the name of our chapter?
Delta Delta
Name the positions on Executive Board and the current members in each position?

president- Michelle Hill
vice president of membership- Kaylee Schutter
vice president of new member education- Tara Graham
vice president of programs- Jayme Bartlett
secretary- Mary Ford
trrasurer- Amy Ettenborough
academics chairman- Lindsey Smiley
risk management- Elyssa Jacobs
panhellenic- Gillian Davis
What are the other panhellenic sororites at GSU?

Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Xi Delta
Delta Zeta
Phi Mu
Zeta Tau Alpha
What are the 4 fraternities at GSU?

Kappa Sigma
Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Phi
Sigma Nu
Name the Panhellenic sororites?

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Delta Sigma Theta
Zeta Phi Beta
Sigma Gamma Rho
What region are we in and who else is in our region?

Region 17
South Carolina

List what each of these positions stand for and who is currently in each position?

CCD- Collegiate Chapter Director
Amy Hall
AAD- Area Alumni Director
Christy Harmon
RRC- Regional Collegiate Coordinator
Heather Hanner
What is our chapter's founding date?
Jan 15, 1955
What are our chapter's annual spring and fall philanthropy events?
Turtle Race and Dodgeball Tournament
What is our local philanthrophy?
Ovarian Cancer Research
Who is current man of the year?
Tyler Parker
Who is current dream girl?
Emily Roberson
What is Delta Zeta's founding date?
Oct 24, 1902
Where were we founded?

Oxford, Ohio
Miami University
Name the 6 founders?

Anne Simmons
Alfa Lloyd
Anna Keen
Mabelle Minton
Julia Bishop
Mary Collins
How did our founders recruit potential members and who drove the buggy?

They would take them on horse and buggy.
Julia Bishop
What was the original name of Delta Zeta?
Alpha Delta Zeta

List the following Delta Zeta symbols?
Colors, Mascot, Jewel, Flower

Colors- old rose and vieux green
Mascot- turtle
Jewel- diamond
Flower- killarney rose (has no thorns and no longer exists)
What is so special about our badge?

the Roman Lamp
the badge has nver been changed since the 100 years starting of Delta Zeta.
voted the prettiest badge and hangs in the Library of Congress.
What is the name of our magazine?
The Lamp
Who wrote our creed?
Dorothy M. Williams
Who was Delta Zeta's first legacy?
Carolyn Goldbrith
Who is our eternal man of the year?
Kenneth England
What are Delta Zeta's national philanthropies?

The Painted Turtle Camp
Speech and Hearing
Name the 3 national organizations that Delta Zeta supports and where are they located?

The Starkey Hearing Foundation
-all over
Gallaudet University
- Washington D.C
House Ear Institute
- Los Angeles, CA
Name the program of the Delta Zeta Foundation that provides an opportunity for collegiate members to begin finanically supporting the Foundation for a donation of $19.02?
The 1902 Loyality Circle
What is the purpose of National Headquaters?
it functions as the service center of the sorority in all conducting administrative work.
What is National Headquater's address?

202 East Church Street
Oxford, OH 45056
When is National Convention held?
The National Council of Delta Zeta is elected by what body of the sorority?
The National Convention
Who is our national president?
Michelle A. Smith
What are the 3 stages of membership?

new member
What is good standing?

other obligations
Who wore the high collar and why?

Anna Keen
her high morals
What is the heart and soul of Delta Zeta?
What is Delta Zeta's GPA requirement for individuals and for chapters?

individual- 2.5
chapter- 2.7
What are the 2 governing documents of Delta Zeta?

the code of regulation
Name the 4 policy statements of Delta Zeta's membership?

anit- hazing
Name the 4 obligations of Delta Zeta membership?

moral standards of conduct

Write the creed?
first stanza

I promise temperance and insight
and courage
To crusade for justice,
To seek the truth and
defend it always;

Write creed?
second stanza

To those whom my life
may touch in slight measure,
May I give graciously
Of what is mine;

Write creed?
third stanza

To my friends,
Understanding and appreciation;

Write creed?
fourth stanza

To those closer ones,
Hope that is ever steadfast;

Write creed?
fifth stanza

To my mind,

Write creed?
sixth stanza

To myself,
That I may walk truly
In the light of the flame.

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