Infection Control - Precautions (Acronyms)

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Airborne/Contact (A/C) diseases
think of AC Slater, aka, Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell. A high school student, and just...
Contact diseases
think of CONTACT CRIMPS - [C]roup, - yes[R]SV (respiratory syncytial virus),...
Droplet/Contact (DC) diseases
think of Washington DC and there are political people so we must be proper. So, MRS. DiP...
Droplet precaution diseases
I can’t really think of one for this, but, I thought of PIMS [P]neumonia,...
Airborne Precautions - Barriers
1. Private room or with patient with same infection 2. Negative air pressure 3. Keep door...
Droplet Precautions - Barriers
1. Private room or with patient with same infection 2. Keep 3 keet away from patient 3. Door...
Contact Precautions - Barriers
1. Private room or with patient with same infection 2. Clean, nonsterile gloves 3. Wear gown...
Standard precaution diseases:
You can still be "LL HIP" even if you are standard???- Lyme Dis - yes - Legionnaire’s...
UTI:nursing considerations
- drink fluids , antibiotics, sitz bath
Elderly - sign of infection:
tachypnea, tachy, confusion
TB: classic signs
- persistent cough with blood-tinged sputum and night sweats - put mask on patient to...
Hep A: child can return to school
1 week after onset of jaundice.
Hepatitis precautions for all
Haemophilus influenzae pneumonia (precaution)
standard precaution - YESFor infants, it is droplet and standard
Localized herpes zoster(precaution)
contact precaution, bc localized - yesNon-immunocompromised patients...
Lyme disease(precaution)
standard precaution - yescontact by tick
Infectious mononucleosis(precaution)
standard precaution - yesMono is spread by person-to-person contact. Saliva is the primary...
Legionnaire’s disease(precaution)
standard precaution - yesInfection cannot be acquired from another person with legionellosis. 
Pneumococcal meningitis(precaution)
standard precaution - YES, it really is!bacteria can be transmitted easily among people who...
Cutaneous anthrax(precaution)
standard precaution - yesCutaneous anthrax usually occurs when spores from the bacteria...
Droplet - yes
droplet - yes, can be depending on which one.
Meningitis: S&S
nuchal rigidity and photophobia
Clostridium difficile colitisprecaution? causes?
standard / contact precautionsThink of the name - "C. Diff"can cause pseudomembranous colitis
disseminated herpes zoster(precaution)
A/C precautionsdisseminate = "spread widely"

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