Inca Part 2

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Inca Part 2

Inca South America Part 2 

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What is the Maritime hypothesis
The idea that complex societies in this region could have developed from Marine economies without the benefit of agriculture
What site was located on the coast of peru was 150 acres -3,000 people and was Pre-ceramic?
Caral, it had platform mounds and net bags filled with rocks used as fill in monumental constructions
What was another preceramic site that was on the coast of peru
El Paraiso, its economy was based off of cotton cultivation fishnets
What were early horizon civilization?
Chavin de hanter, highlands Peru, Paracas culture
They were known for farming and animal herding, chavin style found in pottery, stone, metal artifacts throughout highland and coastal peru
Important archeologist who found chavin style
Julio cesar Tello
The chavin style consisted of
Geometric and curvilinear designs with depictions of people, birds, snakes, jaguars.
Paracas culture was well known for their...
Textiles, 40 indiv. were found buried in them in a crypt.Textiles had human and animal figures on them
What were the civilizations of the intermediate period...
Nazca and moche
where was the Nazca culture found...
Peru coastal
What was a famous Nazca site and why was it famous?
Cachuachu, Peru was famous for Large geoglyphs
what was was another early intermediate period culture?
Moche civilization
What does the word Huaca mean in Moche civilization?
sacred place natural or man made that has a living life force
What is adobe?
Sun dried brick
What is the largest Adobe structure in America?
Huaca del sol
What does Moche pottery depict
Male captives were sacrificed
Moche civilization is well known for its...
Adobe strucutres
complex irrigation system Elaborate burials from huaca del solelaborate residential strucutres
Moche metal worka nd pottery were known for thier...
effigies and explicit depictions of sexual positions
Important Moche site was...
Sipan site coastal peru
3 tombs found ROyal burial of ruler Sipan burial with masks
What were civilizations of the Middle Horizon?
Huari Empire and Tiwanku empire
Where was city of Tiwanaku located..
lake titicaca Bolivia
What was a civilization of the late intermediate period?
Chimu empire
what was the capitol of Chimu empire?
Chan chan coastal peru
Chan chan had how many ciudadelas (kings)
10 found. each royal residence was turned into a mausoleum
What was split inhertiance?
Means that each new kings must raise his own wealth, he does not inherit the old kings money or property, they did this through labor tax
inca empire was from the
Late horizon period
Who was the main founder of the Incan Empire?
Pachakuti, he defended cuzcos against the chanca in 1440
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