IMC Final Exam (CH14/18 1:1 Marketing)

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what are 5 distinctions between direct/mass marketing
1. Direct is opposite of media advertising 2. Direct has 2-way communication while mass is more one way 3. Direct is specific while mass is general 4. Direct is more measurable and accountable 5. Direct utilizes database marketing
4 Characteristics of the paradigm shift toward IMC, market drivers of the shift toward IMC and how they also point toward growth of direct marketing
1. Increased emphasis on accountability – explicit objectives and measurable results 2. Move from mass marketing to highly targeted marketing 3. Two-way commucnication and a relationship-oriented perspective 4. Decreased emphasis on traditional mass media advertising
Meaning & goals of CRM
Customer relationship management identifies the best customers. It is also an attempt to build relationships with customers.
difference: direct response advertising v. direct marketing
Direct response is mass media while direct is not.
2-way marketing where the the audience is involved with co-production or co-creation and customization and the firm listens to the audience
Interactive marketing
People actively request to be involved. It is customized and valuable to the customer
opt-in marketing
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