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Humanites Art Terms
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bayeux tapestry
depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England as well as the events...
Byzantine style
emperor Justinian; Byzatine architects favored the Greek cross plan by which all four arms...
Italian Renaissance style
-Remarkable achievement in arts & creativity -Built upon classical styles &...
his dome consists of two octagonal shells..incorporates eight curved panels joined by massive...
Linear, one point perspective:
an ingenious tool for the tranlation of three dimensional space into a two dimensional...
genre painting 
art depicting scenes from everyday life
a method of painting walls or ceiling surfaces with fresh moist lime plaster
Da Vinci 
: known as a Renaissance man as he was very well rounded an versed in various aspects...
 known for his accuracy and incisiveness Famous art pieces: The Alba Madonna or Madonna...
architect, poet,painter, and engineer; overthrew many traditional constraints, minimizing...
: early Renaissance sculpture and metal working Famous pieces: Florentine Baptistry...
: Early Renaissance sculptor Famous pieces : David [Bronze full round statue:...
Famous Pieces:La Primavera (Birth of Venus) 1482
Northern Renaissance style 
Not as oriented to classicism & Christianity -intense visual realism” -Western Christianity...
Van Eyck 
: perfected the art of oil painting; realism…religious manuscripts and panel...
: detailed the fallability of mankind, its moral struggle and its apocalyptic destiny...
Brueghel the Elder
concerned with human folly; concerned with the happenings of   Famous pieces: Blind...
Gothic Cathedral style
3 elements: pointed arch, ribbed vault, stained glass
Baroque style 
-Extravagant ornamental decoration” (Fiero)
Famous pieces: David fig10.6, Ecstasy of St. Teresa Fig. 10.1
light and color; realism; landscape Famous pieces:The Milk Maid Fig. 10.14
: landscape & religious themes; premier portraitist Famous pieces: Self Portrait...
Italy, England, France Rape of Daughters of Leucippus 
Romanesque cathedral style
-Round arches and barrel vaults -Massive stone structures -Saint-Sernin, Toulouse...

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