Human Growth And Development

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Piaget Used the Term ________to describe the process by which new experiences are easily incorporated...
According to Piaget, when a scheme is modified based in some experience,________has occurred.
Sylvester has just learned how to pick up his cat Chester. Chester likes to be picked up and...
Piaget saw equilibration as a balance between________
assimilation and Accommodation
In Order to overcome a state of disequilibrium, a child must
Recognize his or her schemes.
Bob is a normal developing 18 month old child. According to Piaget, Bob is most likely in the...
The Phrase "out of sight , out of mind", best exemplifies the Piaget concept of
Object Permanence.
Franciska does a pretty good job of completing spelling problems but does a much better job...
Zone of proximal development
Scaffolding involves a teaching style in which assistance is always
Based on the level of the learners needs.
According to Vygotsky, Private speech is aimed at
Self regulation
According to Vygotsky, __________speech is the same as thought
The unique sounds that are combined to create  spoken words are called
2 year old Ariel parents bought a Aquarium. They point at the moving things inside and call...
Fast Mapping
Applying rules to a word that is actually an exception to the rule is called
When Andy bumps in to the TV he says to it,"you bumped into me because you are mean" Andy is...
By definition, attention determines
which sensory information receives additional precessing.
________is defined as a diminished response to a familiar stimulus.
Junior is learning the values, behaviors and roles of his culture. In other words, Junior experiences...
After his mother hear her son swear, she washes his mouth out with soap. If this action leads...
As the third child is born. Fletcher should expect that his parents will______than they did...
Set more realistic expectations.
According to Ericson, which is the foundation for the human development
Trust in self and others
Tiffany is an infant who has acquired Hope. which crisis of psychosocial development has she...
Basic trust vs Mistrust
Lily has begun to play "teacher""mommy""doctor". Lily is probably in which of Ericson stages...
Initiative vs guilt
Dr Wilson studies how Children form lasting social emotional relationships with adults. Dr...
Else has been playing alone, upset in her room. When her mother returns she is not comforted...
When Faith's mother leaves her alone in the room, she does not move and appears a bit dazed....
Pride, embarrassment, and guilt are all example of
Complex emotion
The Phrase "interest but no interaction" best describes ______-
Parallel play
As a Piagetian, Faye would believe that a concrete operational child's ability to reverse thought...
Mental  operations
Angelica and her younger brother Houston are both given 3 fountain pens, each with clear ink,...
Angelica will spend more time thinking about the task and be more systematic when attempting...
Working memory is best described as being________
Temporary and limited in capacity
Long term memory?
permanent and unlimited capacity
Although he has severely limited cognitive abilities, Leslie is an extremely talented pianist....
A savant
A a gifted child, Alicia is most likely_____than her peers
Has fewer emotional problems.
Convergent thinking focuses on generating the most _____ answer?
A child with outstanding divergent thinking skills would defiantly have lot of
By definition, mental retardation involves both a below average intelligence and____.
Poor adaptive behaviors
When Dr Z tells a parent " your child is best categorized as having organic mental retardation"...
The child's retardation is due to biological or physical problems.
Ten year old Ziggy is best described as Mildly mentally retarded. His intelligence is just...
With familial mental retardation.
_____is the most common are negatively impacted in someone with learning disability?
If asked to list key symptoms for ADHD, you should avoid saying
Six month old Teddy is playing alone with his favorite toy.Suddenly as stuffed bear falls down...
Neither reach nor search for the bear
Adam waves "bye Bye" when he leaves his room and pretends to eat imaginary food. In other words,...
Using symbols
Jon who is a per-operational thinker , watches as a movie character appears to turn from nice...
Terror! He is likely believes that the individual has actually become a werewolf.
Pavlos research involving a dog, salvation and a bell is correctly associated with_______-theory
Classical Conditioning
_______theory places the greatest emphasis on the relationship between consequences and the...
Operant Conditioning
Meltzoff and Moore's controversial finding that a 3 week olds would stick out their tongue...
Amanda is  a 4 year old who was the only witness to a robbery. As Amanda's friend and...
I would let Amanda know that the investigators might ask tricky questions so it is OK id she...
Carmella is struggling in the "autonomy vs guilt and shame"stage of psychosocial development....
According to Ericson,how would parents establish trust in their 6 month old?
Consistently responding to their babies need.
You are the infants "playmate". when distressed this child does not prefer you, but when the...
According to Lewis ( 2000), the only 2 emotional experiences by newborn's are?
Pleasure and distress
We would know that 2 month old Brenda is exhibiting a social smile when she smiles in response...
Her mothers face
Which action would most likely cause anger in a 6 month old?
Taking away a toy they are playing with
Which is true regarding childhood play?
Girls tend to favor enabling and boys tend to favor constricting.
An altruistic act?
Cannot directly benefit one's self.
Elita is feeling guilty about sending her 18 month old to day care. assuming that she is sending...
No, as long at she is providing good mothering at home.
Dick and wendy wants their child to work hard. They have rules and expect their child to obey...
When Sam asked his parents if he can buy a car, his parents say no but sit down and explain...
When all of his friends call home to tell their parents they will be getting home late from...
______occurs when a parent tells a child what to do, when to do it, and why it should be done.
Direct instructions
Whenever Roger says"please" his father gives roger what he asks for.This increases Roberts...
Ian's mother tells him to stop watching TV and do his homework. Ian starts to whine and wont...
Negative reinforcement trap
When Ester misbehaves her mothers makes her sit in a small quit place in the house.Esters mother...
Time Ou
Priscilla is pregnant. She and her husband has very high expectations about this child. They...
When George is angry as his children he looses control and strikes them. He is guilty of_______them
Physically abusing
"I am mainly interested in developing ways of measuring intelligence and personality factors"
Jon is having a hard time rememebring the capital of Wisconsin. His dad will be mad if he flunks...
If a person believes in "general intelligence" then they believe that?
Some people are smart and others are dumb, no matter the situation.
The definition of a "learning disability" always includes?
Normal intelligence
Yaakov has problems in math.Though he is of normal intelligence, he just don't understand math....
Learning disabled.
What is the causal relationship between food additives, sugar consumption, and ADHD
Neither are major causes of ADHD
If Fiona is a typical 6 year old, she would most likely weigh? height?
Weigh 45 pounds and be 45 inches tall
You are a parent of a 9 year old boy. How many calories should you ensure that your  child...
Which task would an average elementary-age girl perform better than an average elementary boy?
Write her name in cursive
Bud and Lou are both playing with blocks. Though they are playing, they are smiling at each...
Simple Social Play
Angelica is well liked by most of all her class mates. She would be best descried as?
Stevens classmates don't particular hate him;they just never pay him any attention.Steven would...

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