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Alcohol Drugs Spirituality
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Spirituality    • Belief in a unifying force that gives purpose/meaning/direction...
Spiritual Health
Cultivating beliefs, principles and values that provide guidance throughout life’s experiences
Self Esteem
•Attempts to achieve self-esteem through external constructs FAILS –Power –Socioeconomic...
Four Relationships
1. self2. environment3. others4. Transcendent Other
Relationships with self
self respectself esteemself confidenceself disciplineself controlself efficacy
Components of Spirituality
1.  Belief in a higher power, being, or energy force greater than oneself (God,...
Life expectancy
•  Those who attend religious services compared to those who don’t   - Overall...
Big brothers/sisters
•1. “Helper’s High” – release of endorphins/longer period of calm/improved well...
Phases to forgiveness
1. uncovering-confronting/acknowledging pain2. decision phase-ideas of forgiveness considered3....
¡Pharmaceutical companies spend...
nearly twice as much on marketing in the U.S. as they do on research and development (R&D).
factors that influence drug action
route administrationdosepotencypuritydrug mixing
immediate sensual appeal
– drugs with this quality are highly reinforcing and have a high dependence potential.  
“Compulsive drug taking is caused as much by the characteristics of the user as...
BPS Model
Bio, psycho, social
drug taking persits for many reasons
brain changesdesire to experience pleasuredesire to avoid pain
standard drink
1.5 fl oz of 80-proof 5 fl oz wine12 fl oz beer or wine cooler
relaxation, mild euphoria, happy, talkative, buzzedwarmth relaxation, slight decrease reaction...
vomitting decision and judgment highly impairedslurring fatal crash 25xmajor memory impairment...
signs of alcohol poisoning
§Confusion…vomiting §Seizures §Slow, irregular breathing §Cold, clammy, pale, discolored...
alcohol in moderation 
better buzzless physical harmless moneyhealthier relationshiplower toleranceless negative consequences

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