History Midterm

History Midterm
Created Jan 19, 2009
by horde
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President ______ ordered the removal of the Indians.
The push west was known as ______ _____
Manifest Destiny
The Kansas-Nebraska Act set a policy of ____ _____ which let the populace of the territories...
popular soveriegnety
Supreme court said that slaves were property and forced a slave to return to bondage in the...
Dred Scott
Before the Civil War, Congress passed the ____ ____, which set a 36 degree line that made north...
Missouri Compromise
Grant cut the south in half when he took the city of _____
President of CSA: ___ ___.
Jefferson Davis,
Lee Surrendered to _____ at Apomattox Court House
The first shots of the Civil War were fired at ______.
Ft. Sumpter,
The ___ ___ ___ California became a free state, slavery was banned in DC and the fugitive slave...
Compromise of 1850
The ____ Acxt influenced people to move west for inexpensive land so long as they cultivate...
The 13th Amendment ended _____, the 14th Amendment guaranteed __ __ __ __, and the 15th Amendment...
slavery, due process of rights, african american suffrage
The ____ plan was the Union's plan to win the Civil War.
The ___ process changed iron into steel. The term __ __means that gov't should stay out of...
bessener, Laizzes Faire
Andrew Carnegie used ___ __, controlling all aspects of business. Carnegie was a ___ and gave...
vertical integration, Philanthropist, oil industry

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