History 152 Primary Source Documents

These Are The Primary Sources For WVU History 152 Out Of Eric Foner's Voices Of Freedom

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The Micmac Indian
This is a document from the Columbian exchange. This document is written by an Indian man to the french settlers that are on his land. The French has said that this was a horrible society,...
Thomas Morton, On the Natives of New England
This is a Columbian Exchange document. Thomas Morton, an early community leader, writes about the natives. He says they appear to be without religion, law, or knowledge of god. He compares...
Bartolome De Las Casas
This is a Columbian exchange document. De Las casas talks about the horrors that the spanish conquistadors and the colonizers caused the natives. He said that they were able to go home...
This is a columbian exchange document. Brebeuf is a priest in the colonies. He analyzes the "savages as a priest would, but also looks at social aspects. He doesn't like how the woman...
An Argument for Colonization from A Discourse Concerning Western Planting
This is a Commonwealth Ideal document. Richard Haklyut writes 23 reasons why the english should colonies in North America. Just a fewThe soil yields english commoditiesthere is easy...
Sending Women to Virginia Susan Myra Kingsbury
This is a commonwealth ideal document. Kingsbury wrote about how early virginia lacked stable families, the men were outnumbering women. They made it so every man that marries will...
Speech to the Massachusetts General Court
This is a commonwealth ideal documentThis is a speech to the Massachusetts general court. It showed that the english settlers were mainly puritan and protestants. They hated catholicism....
Trial of Anne Hutchinson
This is a commonwealth ideal document. This is the transcript of the trial of Anne hutchinson. She was a midwife and daughter of a clergy man. She held meetings about religious issues....
Nathaniel Bacon
This is a commonwealth Ideal document about bacon's rebellion
A letter from an immigrant
This is a commonwealth ideal document. This is a letter from an immigrant telling his audience that he likes lfe here. they have a vast and beutiful landscape and you can settle anywhere....
This is a commonwealth document, this document explained the horrors of indentured servitude and the ships that these people were carried over on
Olaudah Equiano on slavery
This is a commonwealth document on the horros of slavery. Equiano was the son of a slaveowner in africa and his father had slaves. He treated them as workers, fed him well, and the...
Samuel Sewall, The selling of joseph (1700)
This is a document of the commonwealth. This compares the horrors of slavery to the bible. Alot of people thought they were in perfect christian conscience

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