History 1302 - Exam 1 - Chapter 22

American History 1302 - Exam 1 - Chapter 22
Created Jul 20, 2009
by namnguyen
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What was muckraking?
practice of exposing the corruptions of public and prominent figures
What were progressives worried about?
state of society, effects of industrialization and urbanization, social disorder, political...
How did Henry Ford become successful?
lowering costs to the consumer. moving assembly line.
What happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company?
fire. killed 146. people demanded creation of State Factory Investigating Commission that recommended...
What did the Niagara Movement want to achieve?
focused on equal rights and educations of African American youth
Why did Samuel Gompers resist organizing women?
too emotional and as union organizers "had a way of making serious mistakes"
What were the benefits of Ford announcing the "five dollar day?"
he doubled the wage rates for common labor, reduced 9 hr to 8hr days, Ford had the pick of...

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