History 1302 - Exam 2 - Ch 26

American History 1302 - Exam 1 - Ch 26
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What are the reasons given in your text for the "Great Crash" of 1929?
sale of durable goods declined, construction of houses and buildings fel slightly. then speculation....
What corporation did Hoover propose and Congress create in 1932?
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
What was the corporation's goal?
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) - loaned government money to financial institutions...
What major govt agency did FDR create during his first "hundred days?"
TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority - building of series of dams in seven states along TN River...
What was the NRA, and what was it supposed to do?
National Recovery Administration - attempt to achieve economic advance through planning and...
Was the NRA successful?
What was the AAA and its purpose?
Agricultural Adjstment Administration - allocate acreage among individual farmers, encouraging...
What was the CCC and its purpose?
Civilian Conservation Corps - enrolled young men and sent them to work on nation's public lands,...
What was the CWA and its purpose?
Civil Works Admin - put 4 million men and women to work building roads, schools, playgrounds...
What was the WPA and its purpose?
Works Progress Admin - usual construction and conservation projects, also preserve skills of...
What 3 things was Social Security supposed to provide?
1. provided for old-age pensions financed equally by a tax on employers and workers.2. set...
What was the Wagner Act and its purpose?
outlaw company unions and other unfair labor practices in order to ensure collective bargaining...
What was the Fair Labor Standards Act and its purpose?
law that aimed to establish both minimum wages and maximum hours of work per week.
What effective strike technique was developed by the newly formed UAW?
sat down in factory, refusing to leave until the company recognized their union, and threatening...
What was the "court-packing" scheme all about?
Supreme Court was FDR's last obstacle to achieve more of his goals. FDR declared Supreme Court...

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