Government- Chapter 9 Nominations & Campaigns

Chapter 9 Listing & Key Terms
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3 elements needed fo success in the nomination game

-media attention
5 criticisms of the primary and caucus system

-system gives too much power to the media
-money plays too big of a role in the primaries and caucuses
2 factors that dtermine media coverage of a campaign

-how candidates uses the advertising budget
-"free" attention they get as newsmakers
9 things candidates must do to effectively organize their campaigns

-get a campaign manager
-get a fundraiser
5 main feautures of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974

-required disclosure
-limited contributions
3 effects campaigns an have on voters

3 factors that tend to weaken a campaign's impact on voters

-most people pay relatively little attention to campiagns in the first place (selective perception)
-party identification

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