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Government 2305

Chapter 1

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are we a global world? yes

-increasing interdependent of citizens and nations

-ligit use of force
Governments oldest objective
maintain order=rules
Thomas Hobbes
he supports a strong central gov
Thomas Hobbes: live with out govt
Solitary, poor, etc. NEGATIVE

life would be short
Survival of the fittest
John Locke
Two Treatises on Government

influences Thomas Jefferson in writing Declaration of Independence
Locke: life, liberty, property
Goverment objective is to protect life liberty and property but they replaced property with the pursuite of happiness
Karl Max/state
German, all land and prodution will be owned by the state not the individual
Public goods
Benefits and survices that benefit the people.
pay through taxes
government owned
Major objective of todays government
is pormoting EQUALITY
Resdistribuing wealth
taking wealth from citizens and spreding it out to the poor and through taxes
One person One vote
all votes are the same not matter what
Equality of opportunity
may the best person win
man or woman

equality of outcome
you already know the outcome
outcome is predetermined
"original dilemma"
balance between freedom and order
"modern dilemma"
alance between freedom and equalityq
privately owen
less government
USA is a capitalistic nation
government has a hands off attitude

survival of the fittest
oppose all government
little taxes
minimum passive government

no government
aka anarcky
no controll
foster equality
government needs to be active in supporting equality

rather have freedom over equality
Demo=common people
political equality
all votes count equally
direct democracy/modern societies
we have moved away from direct demcorcy
indirect democracy/repsentative democracy
we live in a indirect democracy aka republic
minority rights
basic rights are given and minority rights are protected
pluralist model
organized groups and more than one
elite theory
groups are small and based on controll of wealth
us is controlled by they elite and is a oligarchy nation