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Geography Questions

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The two leading language groups in Canada are:
English and French
The physiographic region called the Canadian Shield
is the geologic gore of North America
which state contains territory located in the Intermontane Basin and Plateau physiography region?
The Great Lakes main outlet to the sea is the
St. Lawrence River
A continental climate is most likely to be found in
The people called Native Americans in the U.S. are called what in Canada?
First Nations
An amenity is
something pleasant in the environment
The Continental Core of the U.S. is also known as the
American Manufacturing Belt
In 1900, the geographic form of the American city was most strongly shaped by
the electric car
which metropolitan are contains the U.S's largest cluster of Asians
Los Angeles
Which ethnic group does not fit with the are identified?
Hispanics and Montana
Which of the following is a secondary economic activity?
Beer brewing
The transformation of raw materials into finished products is associated with
the second sector of a nation's economy
What is a major natural gas producing state?
More than 75% of North Americans live in urban areas
The United States is slightly less than ten times larger in population size than Canada
Physically homogeneous regions are called physiographic provinces
The intermontane region of North America is found in eastern Canada
Yearly temperature ranges are much larger where continentality prevails
The rain shadow effect has its greatest influence on the climate of Los Angeles and other Pacific-bordering cities
The natural vegetation where rainfall is less than 20 inches per year is forest
The correct historical sequence of the intrametropolitan urban growth model is the Walking-Horsecar, Recreational Automobile, Electric Streetcar, and Freeway Eras
African-American's make up about 25% of U.S. population
Most Americans are employed in the primary sector of the economy
A technopole is an urban area that emphasizes traditional industry
Canada is a federal state
Which city is not located within the American Manufacturing Belt?
The capital of Canada is
the habitable zone of permanent settlement of a country is known as its
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the two European powers that fought over control of the territory that became Canada were
the French and British
Canada's primate city is
Canada has no primate city
A unique form of rural settlement developed in French Canada is called
long lots
The Kuwait of North America is the nickname of
The North American region with the greatest disparity in income between rich and poor is
the South
The North Slope of Alaska contains large quantities of
what valley is not located in california?
what is the metropolis that contains the most aisans in north america
A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land bodies is known as an
which of the following is located in the greater antilles?
as a group the islands of cuba ,hispaniola, jamaica, and puerto rico constitute
the greater antilles
which country is located with the culture hearth known as mesoamerica?
the idealized spanish town in meoamerica had
cenetral square,girdiron layour, and a location near good land all of the above
Middle American's largest country today in terms of both area and population is
The current population of Mexico is
112 million
transculturation is closely associated with the shaping of cultural traits in
A maquiladora is
a foreign owned factory in northern mexico that assembles duty-free goods
what country does not have a common border with Guatemala?
Which country was formerly known as British Honduras?
Which of the following is the smallest Central American country in terms of population
While other Central American countries were called banana republics, this country was a coffee republic
El Salvador
Central America's poorest country is
The capital of Nicaragua located on the mountanious pacfic side of the country is
The Switzerland of Central America, the region's oldest democratic republic is
Costa Rica
As one travels north leaving south america the first country encountered on the central american land bridge is
the panama canal was opened in
Which Carribean island contains more than one state?
The most important crop in Cuba before the fall of the Soviet Union was
middle americas largest city is
mexico city
which of the following colonial associations is incorrect?
britain and the domincan republic
In the americas the largest spanish speaking population can be found in
who is the largest exporter of bananas is americas
what is the tallest watefall in the americas
angel falls
what is the hottest place in the americas
death valley
what is the largest lake in the Americas
What is the largest country by size in the Americas?
The largest desert in the America's is
More than 60% of all Canadians live in an urban region known as
main street
one of the conditions of the entry of British Columbia into Canada was
the building of the transcontinental Canadian pacific highway
Is Trinidad in the greater antilles
Which of the following countries is located within the culture hearth of meso america?
The mayan civilizations arose in the highlands of mexico
The Caribbean coast of Middle America is
part of the Rimland
people who are of mixed European and American heritage
Transculturalation is most closely associated with the shaping of cultural traits in
Transformation of raw materials into finished products is associated with the what sector
Montreal and the lower course of the st.lawrence seaway are located in the Canadian province of
Is this association correct?Orange River and Nigeria
Which of the following is associated with the concept of continental drift?
What is a disease called that spreads worldwide?
land tenure refers to
the way people own,occupy, and use land
west africa showed a high degree of regional complementarity between
the people of the tropical forest and the people of the dry interior
before independence, the modern state of the congo was a colony of
which state was not a colony of France prior to its independence
What country was not a British colony prior to its independence
What was the last country to give up its African colonies
South Africa