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Of india's more than 1 billion population, almost_________ million are muslims
The country located...(north/south/east/west) of india is:
North: Nepal/Bhutan Southeast: Sri lanka Northwest: Pakistan South west: Maldives East: Bangladesh/Myanmar
The major river of pakistan is the
Indus river
the area known as the land of the five rivers is
the southwestern arabian sea coast of india is known as the
malabar coast
the caste system is most associated with which religions
the first true indigenous empire in the south asian realm was the
the power that massively penetrated india from the west in the tenth century AD was
in 1947, British India was partitioned into which states?
India and Pakistan
Which city lost a good part of its hinterland to Pakistan in the partioning of Bristish India?
The area of India in which the population exhibits the country's lowest growth rate is:
The southermost states of the peninsula
The approximate porcentage of India's population that lives in poverty-stricken rural area is:
Which countries share a common border with Pakistan?
Iran, Afghanistan, CHina and India
An area whose control is hotly disputed by India and Pakistan is:
Jammu & Kashmir
The McMahon Line:
Treaty signed in 1914 and it is the effective boundary between China and India.
India's Sikh population is concentrated in:
The priestly caste in India is known as the:
The untouchable caste in India is known as the:
The city located closest to the Ganges Delta is:
Kolkata (Calcutta)
The_____revolution of the 1960s introduced "miracle" varieties of wheat and rice that significantly increased the productivity of these crops.
Which industry sperheaded the economic developmen of Bengaluru over the past decade
Information Technology
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