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What is geography?
an academic discipline that describes Earth and explains the patterns on its surface
The growing interconnectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic,...
Which of the following may be affected by globalization?
A) natural resources       B) cultural patterns        ...
All of the following are arguments in favor of globalization,...
globalization will lead to world peace.
About how many humans are added to the world's population each hour?
A population pyramid with a wide base and a narrow peak is characteristic of what kind of growth...
rapid growth     
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of culture?
It is individual
What is a nation-state?
a relatively homogeneous cultural group with its own fully independent political territory
 Which of the following groups of people is a nation without a state?
Which of the following statements about terrorism is false?
Terrorism in today's world is highly centralized.
Beneath which part of the United States is its largest aquifer, the Ogallala Aquifer, located?
Great Plains
What are the primary compounds found in acid rain?
sulfur and nitrogen oxide
Where is Megalopolis located?
East Coast of United States, from Boston to Washington, D.C.
Which of the following is NOT one of the patterns of North American population movements?
the exclusion of minorities from inner cities
Today, most immigrants to the United States come from which two world regions?
Asia and Latin America
What state of the U.S. recently went from having net in-migration in the late 1900s to having...
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of gentrification?
white flight to the suburbs
 in North America, many of the key internationally connected corporate offices, industrial...
in suburbs
How does the median household income of Asian families in North America compare to that of...
10% higher         
Concentrations of Roman Catholics, Jews, and Muslims are most likely to be found in the...
What effects are predicted for the Caribbean as global climate change increases average temperatures?
A) sea level rise                               ...
What is the rimland of the Caribbean?
the coastal zone of the mainland, beginning with Belize and extending along the coast of  Central...
What is the greatest threat to biodiversity in Latin America?
By the middle 1800s, when most colonial governments in the Caribbean began to free slaves,...
South and Southeastern Asia    
Which pattern of emigration from the Caribbean is LEAST likely to occur?
A Haitian migrates to Liverpool, England.
Maroon societies were composed of which group of people?
escaped slaves
Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons for treating the Caribbean as a region that...
The region contains a large native population that still exists on the landscape today.
A system wherein peasants farm small plots of land for their own subsistence in Latin American...
What is the major attraction of offshore banking in the Caribbean?
specialized services that are confidential and tax-exempt
Why is settlement so sparse in the Amazon Basin?
The quality of the soil is poor.
As a region, what is the unifying theme of Sub-Saharan Africa?
similar livelihood systems and shared colonial experience
Which of the following is NOT a problem associated with deforestation in the woodlands of the...
flooding              ...
Why is there concern about the tsetse fly in Sub-Saharan Africa?
The tsetse fly spreads sleeping sickness to humans, cattle, and some wildlife.
What is transhumance?
the seasonal movement of animals between wet- and dry-season pastures
The Sahel
is a zone of ecological transition between the Sahara to the north and the wetter savannas...
How has the existence of the Great Escarpment, which runs from southwestern Angola and ends...
It was an impediment to settlement.
Which country of Sub-Saharan Africa has the region's lowest life expectancy (33 years)?
Which country of Sub-Saharan Africa is the region's unchallenged economic powerhouse, yet also...
South Africa
What was the main reason that Portugal had a difficult time establishing a colonial presence...
the prevalence of disease in Africa
What country has begun offering African nations money for roads, railways, and schools with...
What is a "qanat"?
an irrigation system, developed in Iran, that taps into groundwater through a series of gently...
The kibbutz, a collectively worked settlement that produces grain, vegetable, and orchard crops,...
Which two bodies of water mark the traditional boundaries...
Tigris River and Euphrates River
Many of the immigrants who have left Morocco and Algeria have moved to this European country.
Which nation (or ethnic group) of people was displaced...
In which region of Europe are environmental conditions the worst?
Eastern Europe
Which of the following factors does NOT explain the environmental diversity of Europe?
El Nino
Which country of Europe is primarily located on the European Lowland?
Which body of water forms the southern boundary of Europe?
Mediterranean Sea
Why have many European countries encouraged immigration of foreign populations into their borders...
C) They were experiencing low or negative growth, and needed immigrants to fill gaps in their...
What three historical eras are represented in European...
Medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, Industrial
What is the name of the agreement to reduce border...
The Schengen Agreement
In which country of Europe did the Industrial Revolution...
Since 1990, many people have migrated from East Germany to West Germany in search of religious...
What’s the name given to a type of European landscape built from 1500 to 1800 with a spacious...
Which body of water in the Russian Domain is the world's...
Lake Baikal
Under the Soviet Union, all religion was severely discouraged...
Who were the original founders of Russia?
southward moving warriors from Sweden
What are mikrorayons?
large housing projects built in the 1970s and 1980s in Russia
In what region of the Russian Domain was the Soviet Union's Gulag Achipelago located?
Why is the city of Chernobyl well-known?
It is the site of the world's worst-ever nuclear accident.
Who were the Bolsheviks?
a faction of Russian communism representing interests of industrial workers, who established...
What influence did the breakup of the Soviet Union have on the Russian mafia?
The more liberal economic and political environments allowed the mafia to flourish more openly...
Primary destination for Russian oil and natural gas...
Where were most of Russia's major territorial gains in the nineteenth century?
Central Asia
What is the primary reason for the shrinking of the...
Large-scale irrigation projects implemented by the Soviets in the 1950s have diverted water...
What is the livelihood of pastoralists?
raising livestock
Which of the following countries of Central Asia lies...
Of the following climates, which one is LEAST common...
tropical monsoon
Since the 1960s, where has the largest proportion of migrants to Tibet and the western provinces...
Han Chinese from eastern China
What is the most common language group in Central Asia,...
What is the name of the ultra orthodox Islamic group...
What Southwest Asian country has offered itself as a model secular state for Central Asian...
Uzbekistan FALSE; Afghanistan
 Turkmenistan will soon begin to export large quantities of natural gas.
What country in East Asia is facing a population decline?
The majority of Taiwan's population resides ________.
along the northern and western coasts
Which of the following is NOT one of the immigrant groups arriving in Japan?
men and women from Russia working as educators
Which country in East Asia does mainland China still claim as an integral part of the Chinese...
Almost all of the rice that the Japanese consume comes from South Korea.
FALSE; they cultivate their own rice
What physical feature is needed for orographic precipitation to occur?
How were the Himalayas formed?
by the collision of the Eurasian Plate with the Indo-Australian Plate
Where do most people in South Asia live?
in compact rural villages
In what sector of the economy do most of today's Indian immigrants to the United States work?
Which country of South Asia is an island?
Sri Lanka
What is the dominant climatic factor in South Asia?
What is the rain-shadow effect?
the area of low rainfall found on the leeward (downwind) side of a mountain range
What aggravates Bangladesh’s poverty?
A) Floods             B) Hurricanes                    ...
In what South Asian country is the Deccan Plateau located?
Soil of the Indus-Ganges- Brahmaputra plain is not fertile. 
Sri Lanka
has a Hindu majority living on its north coast.
Who brought Islam to South Asia?
Turkish speaking Muslims from Central Asia
What are the Tamil Tigers?
a rebel force in Sri Lanka
Among the countries of South Asia, the Maldives is likely to be most concerned about...
The Green Revolution was an agricultural success, but an ecological and social failure.
What is another name for the term "swidden"?
shifting cultivation
Indonesia's islands stretch for a length that is about the same distance as the mileage between...
New York to San Francisco (coast to coast)
Which country in Southeast Asia contains the largest number of islands?
"Insular" Southeast Asia refers to which of the following locations?
countries located on islands
What’s the name of the storm that slammed Burma in May 2008, causing 150,000 death, left...
Cyclone Nargis
What country has the highest population density in Southeast Asia?
What is the most densely settled island of Indonesia?
In what Southeast Asian country is transmigration most common, and a policy of the national...
What is the major reason for animosity toward Chinese immigrants in the countries of Southeast...
Many of Chinese immigrants are rather prosperous compared to the locals.
Which South East Asian country is NOT a member of ASEAN?
East Timor
Thailand embraces market economics, while retaining the political forms of a communist...
Which of the following conditions is relatively common in Southeast Asia?
primate cities
Who are the Karen?
a tribal people of upland Burma
Which of the following phrases best describes the linguistic geography of Southeast Asia?
There are several hundred distinct languages that can be placed into five major linguistic...
Which South East Asian country has the weakest economy?
East Timor
What caused the dramatic decline in Guam's native bird species?
the accidental introduction of the non-native brown tree snake
In which country are Maoris the indigenous people?
New Zealand
What is the "Outback"?
Australia's huge, dry interior
An atoll typically has all of the following characteristics, EXCEPT
a high central peak
Approximately what percentage of Australia's population lives in urban areas along the coast?
Who was the first European to explore New Zealand and Australia?
Abel Tasman
Which of the following countries is NOT part of Melanesia?
New Zealand
In the early days of its colonization, Britain used Australia as a ________.
prison colony
Recently, Papua New Guinea has shifted its economy to mining.
Which area of Fijian economic life do Indo-Fijians dominate?
commercial life

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