GCSE RS Christianity Unit 1

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Name five stages involved in Christian upbringing.
1. Baptism - An infant is introduced to the Church, the family of god, godparents, friends...
What is a miracle? How may it lead to or support belief in God? 
Something that happens that appears to break the laws of science and people attribute this...
What is an answered prayer? How may it lead to or support belief in God? 
An answered prayer is when the person praying believes that God has not only heard the prayer...
What is a numinous experience? How may it lead to or support belief in God? 
This is when something completely astonishes you.  Words are not enough to describe the...
What is conversion? How may it lead to or support belief in God? 
When someone who previously did not believe in God changes and begins to believe that God exists....
What is the design argument ? Who founded it? 
The design argument is the idea that the universe was beautiful and complex and everything...
What is the causation argument? Who founded it?
The causation argument is the belief that nothing can happen by itself and that everything...
What is Atheism?What is Agnosticism? 
Atheism - Believing that God does not exist.Agnosticism - Not being sure whether God exists. 
Give two atheists theories about the universe. 
1. THE BIG BANG. The idea that an explosion of matter took place about 15 billion years ago...
What are Christians responses to scientific explanations? 
When someone presents an argument against God, with reasons and evidence, Christians have to...
What are atheist and Christian responses to unanswered prayers? 
What is suffering and what is natural and moral evil? 
What are Christian responses to evil and suffering? 
How is God represented in the media? 
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