GCSE History-Public Health(Prehistoric,Egypt And Greeks And Middle Ages.)

Prehistoric Medicine To-middle Ages

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Prehistoric times- was there a need for public health, if not why?
No-because prehistoric people were nomadiac meaning they moved around, so no need to set...
Egyptian times-What public health measures did they have?
Priests washed their handsChange their clothesShaved headsMosquito NetsMost of these were out...
Egyptian times- what were the bad points?
No drainage systemOnly rich had private bathrooms
Greeks-What public health measures did they have?
Regime of health-linked with 4 humoursBasic washingPyphagarus who stated everything should...
Greeks- what was bad?
No sweres or supplies of running water.
Middle ages-Medieval times-Dark agesWhat were the bad points as it was a step backwards from...
Waste and garbage thrown out onto the streetsNo sewers or water pipes like in RomeSTEP BACKWARDS...
Middle ages-renaissance kinda- what were the downfalls?
Regression- open sewersbad waterno gov controlovercrowdingrubbish in streets-Edward 3rd tried...

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