GCSE History-Public Health(Prehistoric,Egypt And Greeks And Middle Ages.)

Prehistoric Medicine To-middle Ages
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Prehistoric times- was there a need for public health, if not why?
No-because prehistoric people were nomadiac meaning they moved around, so no need to set up public health and sewers etc.
Egyptian times-What public health measures did they have?
Priests washed their hands
Change their clothes
Shaved heads
Mosquito Nets

Most of these were out of social aspects to look good rather than to keep healthy and clean
Egyptian times- what were the bad points?
No drainage system
Only rich had private bathrooms
Greeks-What public health measures did they have?
Regime of health-linked with 4 humours
Basic washing
Pyphagarus who stated everything should be kept in moderation meaning healthy diet.
Greeks- what was bad?
No sweres or supplies of running water.
Middle ages-Medieval times-Dark ages

What were the bad points as it was a step backwards from roman PH?
Waste and garbage thrown out onto the streets
No sewers or water pipes like in Rome

Middle ages-renaissance kinda- what were the downfalls?
Regression- open sewers
bad water
no gov control
rubbish in streets-Edward 3rd tried to encourage cleaning but gov didnt enforce it.

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