Five Types Of Reinforcement Schedules

Five Types Of Reinforcement Schedules
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Behavior is reinforced every time it occursLearning rate - Very fastResponse rate - Very lowResponse stability - Very highExtinction rate - Very fast
A reinforcer is given at fixed time intervals (Monthly inspections)Learning rate - Very slowResponse rate - LowResponse stability - Very lowExtinction rate - Moderately fast
A reinforcer is administered randomly around some average interval (Four pop quizzes throughout semester, but not when they will be)Learning rate - ModerateResponse rate - ModerateResponse stability - Low to moderateExtinction rate - Slow
Reinforcer administered after a given number of acceptable behaviors (bonuses given every three meritorious behaviors)Learning rate - FastResponse rate - Very highResponse stability - HighExtinction rate - Fast
Reinforcer administered after an average number of acceptable behaviors (slot machine pays off on average once every 10 pulls)Learning rate - SlowResponse rate - Very highResponse stability - High Extinction rate - Very slow
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