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PVC pipe for irrigation is joined by connectors/couplings that are ____ to the pipe.
Similar to the textural appearance of plants, ____ can be used to create spatial illusions...
To preserve the germination ability of most seeds, store them in a:
cool, dry environment
____ drawings show an object as seen by the eyes at eye-level.
Fireblight is a disease that most often affects susceptible plants:
during periods of rapid, succulent growth
The soil pH level primarily controls:
availability of essential plant nutrients
Three types of ground patterns used in landscape design are ____.
curved-line, arc-and-tangent, straight-line
Training plants into three-dimensional ornamental forms, such as animals, is called:
Clay soils require:
a longer time for absoption of irrigation water than sandy soils.
The approximate range of average annual minimum temperature for Plant Hardiness Zone 5 is:
-20 to -10 degrees
Fertilizer recommendations are often given in pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet. ...
Plants that have been clipped or pruned into two-dimensional forms are:
A transplanted tree of shrub should be set into the ground:
at the same depth at which it was originally growing
Which of the following is true about lady bug beetles?  They:
eat aphids
Plants that use less water and are tolerant of dry landscape sites are called:
Damping-off is caused by:
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a time clock to control an irrigation system?
The plants are watered at set times, whether they need watering or not.
Which of the following is a group of terms related to landscape design principles?
Focalization, proportion, simplicity
The Oak Leaf Nursery advertised a group of trees with a trunk caliper of 3 inches.  In...
6 inches above ground level
One function of stomates is to:
give off water vapor
A friable soil is one that:
is loose and of good structure and texture
Plants usually do not grow well in poorly drained soils because:
oxygen content is low in poorly drained soils
To make the living area of a landscape appear larger, a designer should include plants that...
cool-colored flowers such as blues, purples, lavenders
Which of the following turf areas is mowed to the lowest height?
golf green
In plants, ____ is the process of converting stored energy into energy for plant growth.
A landscape designer uses many ____ in developing the preliminary design for a project.
bubble diagrams
Fairy ring is caused by:
And "x" in the botanical name of a plant means the plant:
is a true hybrid
And example of an organic material is ____.
leaf mold
Which of the following is microscopic?
The loss of water in the form of vapor from the surface of plant leaves is referred to as:
The basic underlying priciple of using a mist propagation system is that it:
increases humidity around th cutting and reduces transpiration
____ is an example of a parasitic plant.
Low-growing landscape plants should:
be placed in front of intermediate growing plants
Which signal word for pesticide labels indicates the lowest level of toxicity?
In a landscape design, properly located plants and structures:
can reduce heat intensity
Which of the following would be most suited for a hot, dry, steep bank in the landscape?
creeping juniper
A shade loving border plant is:
Soft pencil leads are indicated by the letter ____.
A plant pathologist studies plant:
A plant that dies to the ground at the end of each growing season but comes back fromthe same...
herbaceous perennial
Two basic types of pruning are heading-back and thinning-out.  Which of the following...
Thinning cuts are made close to a main branch or ground and few auxillary buds are left.
Lowering the soil grade around a tree removes many of the tree's ____ roots.
Water availability, temperature extremes, and ____ should be considered when selecting trees...
soil type
The four life cycle stages of beetles such as the Japanese beetle are:
egg, grub, pupae, adult
And important step in properly composting landscape refuse is to:
thoroughly moisten each layer of material
A pencil lead that is soft, prints well, erases easily, and tends to smear easily is ____.
A large perennial that provides a general effect of mass and grows in excess of five feet is:
pampas grass
Lawn sprinkler systems are installed so they provide even coverage.  This is accomplished...
spacing th heads so that each sprinkler sprays to the next sprinkler
The statement on a bag of fertilizer that lists the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorous, and...
Callus is a term usually referring to:
the first tissure to develop on a cutting just before the roots form
A ____ is a woody perennial that has more than one main trunk.
Mrs. Thompson loves spring flowering bulbs.  Which of the following would you suggest...
Hyacinthus orientalis cv.
If a two-cycle engine on a weed trimmer uses a 24:1 fuel ratio, you should mix:
24 parts gasoline to 1 part oil
Soil texture refers to:
the size of the soil particles
In nursery production, a "liner" refers to ____.
a rooted cutting or small seedling
Which of the following is a deciduous vine?
Chinese wisteria
When planting ground covers grown in compressed peat containers:
make several cuts down the sides of the container before planting
What part of a lawn mower prevents dust from entering the carburetor?
air cleaner
The optimum germination temperature for most bedding plant seeds is:
75 to 85*F
Paul had 400 containers of mature Salvia to wholesale to a landscaper.  His cost of producing...
Which of the following statements is true about applying dry fertilizer to a lawn?
It is a good practice to water-in dry fertilizer applied to a lawn
The classifications of soil particles based on size are sand, silt, and:
Which fuel is used in chainsaws, string trimmers, and other 2-cycle engines?
gasoline and oil mix
Which of the following is the proper recommendation for pruning trees at planting:
Pruning should be limited to shaping the plant by removing dead or damaged limbs
The practice of maually watering a container plant until water comes out of the drainage holes...
soluble salts
A scale of 1" = 2'0' means that:
1" of blueprint equals 2' in the landscape
The best time to spray a glyphosate is:
when weeds are in active growth
Which of the following groups contains only evergreen plants?
American aborvitae, Camellia, Japanese Yew
Which of the following is a group of small-growing trees?
Crepe myrtle, Eastern redbud, Japanese balck pine
When referring to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, map one can determine the:
minimum expected temperature for an area
One of the best ways to speed up the rooting process of cuttings is to:
provide bottom heat
Fred was about to drive the tractor down the street to another landscape job when Alan said,...
slow-moving vehicle sign
Divide and separate fall blooming perennials:
in early spring
Leaf miners lay their eggs:
inside the leaves
An area of the landscape that includes space for such items as a clothes line and garbage...
The landscape design principle of interconnection:
occurs when visual components are physically linked together
When trying to save trees on a construction site, cut and fill under the drip line of the trees...
0 (under cut or fill under the drip line of trees)
____ pruning is a pruning technique concerned primarily with the removal of brances that could...
Natural target
Underground stems with scale-like fleshy leaves (leek and onion) are called:
In most plants, a hormone called auxin is produced by the terminal bud.  It moves downward...
Apical dominance
Some seeds are produced in the fall and remain on or in the ground until they germinate in...
Once they are beneath the bark surface, ____ are difficult to control.
The use of plant materials and landscaping techniques to conserve soil moisture and to reduce...
Which of the following describes plants lose their leaves during the winter?
Hardiness refers to:
The quality of being stond and being able to survive in a certain region
Hardening-off is a term used in the nursery/landscape industy to mean:
acclimatizing tender plants to harsher, outdoor conditions
Which one of the following plant hardiness zones is colder than Zone 6?
Zone 3
Many insect traps attract insects with:
A sex attractant
Some vines use ____ to support themselves as they climb.
A ____ is a landscape designer's tool for drawing circles on a landcape plan.
circle template
The following plant grows from a tuber:
elephant ear
The best definition of a surfactant is a:
material added to a liquid spray solution to reduce surface tension between the liquid and...
Which type of insecticide would be most effective against sucking-stype insects?
The three major divisions of soil profile are:
topsoil, subsoil, and parent material
A lawn mower with blades parallel to the source of the ground is called a(n):
rotary mower
Which of the following groups contains only deciduous plants?
Cedar Elm, Carya illinoensis, Red Oak
A 50 pound bag of 5-10-15 fertilizer contains ____ pounds of nitrogen.
The scientific name for Heavenly Bamboo is:
Nandina domestica
The turfgrass least tolerant of shade is:
Which of the following is not an important environmental requirement for germination to occur?
Carbon dioxide
Light energy, carbon dioxide, and water enter into the process of photosynthesis, through which:
carbohydrates are formed
When planting B&B plants:
the tie string should be cut from the trunk of the plant
The most common syntheitc root-promoting chemicals used in rooting hormones are:
There are five common methods of night lighting for landscapes.  They are:
walk, silhouette, shadow, up, and down lighting
What information is not contained in the legend on a final landscape plan?
Designer's name
When planting a bare-rooted tree, the tree should be planted:
directly even with the original soil level
The road in front of Steve's house has become traffic congested in recent years.  The...
Tall mounds of soil placed between the house and road to black the noise and view
A propagator in a nursery business is responsible for:
starting new plants from seeds, cuttings, grafting, or other means and planning the propagation...
A glyphosate is non-selective herbicide that will kill:
any green plant that is contacts
A major advantage for producing nursery stock in continers is that it:
allows for transplating any time during the growing season
A method of fertilizer application is ____.
side dressing
Brwon patch, dollar spot, and gray snow mold are all diseases of:
Which plant is a vine?
Lonicera japonica
If a container-grown nursery crop has been over watered for a long period, a grower might expect...
the roots dead or absent at the bottom of the container but healthier in the top portion of...
Site features to consider when conducting a site survey include:
topography, soil conditions, natural features, and existing vegetation
Food produced in the leaves moves to other parts of a plant through the ____.
Which of the following would be the best response if a client calls you in October and wants...
Cut it down.  It is definitely dead.
When installing a landscape, which step (from the following list) should be completed LAST?
plant the trees and shrubs
Cuttings in the rooting bench should be:
kept constantly moist
Examples of cool season grasses include perennial ryegrass, bentgrass, and:
Magnesium, calcium, and sulfur:
are essential elements needed for plant processes
A "spreader-sticker" added to a spray solution causes the chemical to:
better cover the plant surface and resist being wahed off by rain and irrigation
Informal landscapes:
are constructed with asymmetrical balance and curved lines
When selecting ginkgo trees for the landscape, you should choose:
male trees only
Tunctional roles of plants in the landscape do not include
greening up
Professional-grade string trimmers are usually powered by:
a 2-cycle engine
To increase the bushiness of a flowering plant while the plant is young, one should:
pinch the stem trips of the plant
Liriope and Ajuga are generally classified as:
The recommended minimum width for a residential walkway in the public area of the landscape...
Which of the following is a major reason for mulching landscape plants?
Moderates soil temperature and conserves soil moisture
A color scheme in a garden that produces a carnival-like effect is referred to as being:
A group of plants located along the perimeter of a landscape use area is called a ____ planting.
Which tree has the finest textured foliage?
Which of the following serves as a food reservoir for the developing embryo withing the seed...
The term ____ is used in horticulture to define plant injury sometimes caused by pesticides.
An example of a creeping or prostrate coniferous evergreen is:
Juniperus horizontalis
A major advantage for using slow-release fertilizer in container-grown nursery stock is that...
supplies nutrients over a long period of time with one application
A plant that remains vegetative during its first season of growth and flowers in the second...
A landscaper in New York calls a wholesaler/grower in Tennessee to inquire about plant material...
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones
Plowing or tilling a bed or lawn when it is excessively wet may:
damage the structure of the soil
Most landscape plants like the soil pH:
slightly acidic
In the plant name Ilex x merserveae 'Blue Princess':
the genus is Ilex, the "x" means it is a hybrid, the species is meserveae, and the cultivar...
B&B in the nursery/landscape trade means:
balled and burlapped
When installing a landscape, which step (from the following list) should be sompleted FIRST:
install the drainage system
Which insect eats out trails between the leaf surfaces?
leaf miners
Wisteria, clematis, and Japanese honeysuckle are examples of:
When should soil NOT be tilled?
when it is wet
When using heat to sterilize/pasturize soil, the soil should be heated to:
180*F for 30 minutes
Mr Roberts told his horticulture class that the temperature for rooting shrubs should be no...
temperature of the rooting media

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