Extrinsic Eye Muscles

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Explain the origin of the term extrensic eye muscles? Why is it entitled such?
They are termed extrensic because they originate within the orbit and insert onto the white...
What is the relation between the muscle name and its location?
Their name derives from the location of their insertion on the anterior part of the sclera....
What is the function of the medial rectus? Where is it located?
The medial rectus attaches to the anterolateral surfaceof  the eye and pulls it medially...
When your right eye looks to the right, which extrinsic eye muscle is contracted?    
The lateral recuts, attached to the anterolateral surface of the eye is contracted and pulls...
Name the location and function of the inferior rectus    
The inferior rectus attaches to the anteroinferior part of the sclera and pulls the eye inferiorly...
This muscle is pulls your eye superiorly and slightly medially
The superior rectus (just as the inferior rectus) does not pull directly parallel...
Label this diagram

This muscle elevates the posterior part of the eye and turns the eye laterally
The superior oblique depresses the eye and turns it laterally. It passess through a pulley-like...
Name the location and function of the inferior oblique
The inferior oblique elevates eye. Located at inferior posterior part of eye. Contracting the...

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