Explorers Of North America - 4th Grade Study Guide

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What is scurvy?
A disease caused by a lack of fruits and vegetables
What is an ally?
A friend with whom one is united with for a common purpose
Christopher Columbus was?
ITALIAN Supported by SPAIN Areas explored Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and San...
John Cabot was?
ITALIAN Supported by ENGLAND  Areas explored Eastern Canada, New  Foundland, Boston Exploration...
Giovanni da Verrazano was?
ITALIAN  Supported by FRANCE Areas explored North Carolina and New Foundland Exploration...
Jacques Cartier was?
FRENCH Supported by FRANCE.  Areas explored St. Lawrence River Exploration Dates 1534-1541
Samuel de Champlain was?
FRENCH Supported by FRANCE Areas explored St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes Region, Quebeck,...
Henry Hudson was?
ENGLISH Supported by HOLLAND and ENGLAND Areas explored Hudson Bay and Hudson River. Exploration...
What were the explorers looking for?
A shorter route to the Far East using the Northwest passage.
What bodies of water were discovered or named for the explorers?
de Champlain - Lake Champlain Hudson- Hudson River
Which explorer was eaten by canibals?
Giovanni da Verrazano
Which explorer cured his crew of scurvy?
John Cabot cured his crew of scurvy with white cedar bark and leaves.
Which explorer has a bridge named after him?
Giovanni da Verrazano - Verrazano bridge opened in 1964 and is the longest suspension bridge...
Which explorers were lost at sea?
John Cabot and Henry Hudson
Which explorer took valuable notes on Indian culture and geography?
Giovanni da Verrazano
This explorer wrote a book entitled THE VOYAGES where he described his travels up and...
Samuel De Champlain
Which explorers crew mutinied and took over the explorers ship, and put him adrift in a small...
Henry Hudson
Which explorer discovered the St. Lawrence River in 1535 and claimed Canda for France?
Jacques Cartier
Which explorer was more interested in finding GOLD than in establishing settlements in the...
Jacques Cartier
This explorer founded the first french settlement in the New World - the CITY of QUEBEC. He...
Samuel de Champlain
Which explorerer died in Quebec on Christmas Day, 1635?
Samuel de Champlain
Which explorer was a map maker who believed the world was round?
Christopher Columbus
How long is the Hudson River?
306 Miles Long
Which explorer had three ships, NINA, PINTA and SANTA MARIA?
Christopher Columbus
Which explorer landed in San Salvador and claimed the island for Spain?
Christopher Columbus
Which explorer called the people he met INDIANS because he thought he was close to India?
Christopher Columbus
When this explorer died, he still believed he had reached the Far East?
Christopher Columbus
After returning to Spain this explorer was a hero for a little while. He was sent on 3 more...
Christopher Columbus
Which explorer sailed on a small wooden ship called the Matthew with 18 people on board?
John Cabot
Which explorer was made a royal geographer by King Henry IV from France?
Samuel de Champlain

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